Love Sourdough? Try 7 Best Ways To Enjoy This Healthy Bread
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Sourdough bread has resurged in popularity owing to its reputation as a highly nutritious choice, often championed by influencers on social media platforms. This type of bread is naturally leavened and made from naturally fermented dough without the use of commercial yeast. It's created through a slow fermentation process using naturally occurring wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria rather than commercial yeast.

The sourdough method requires a starter or culture, a mix of flour and water that's regularly fed and maintained to continue the fermentation process. This fermentation imparts a tangy flavour and a chewy texture to the bread, and the process can take several hours or days, allowing the dough to develop its unique taste and rise.

Sourdough is best enjoyed for breakfast, but you can have this bread anytime according to your preferences. It is delicious on its own, and you can take it a notch higher by pairing it with veggies, fruits, and dairy ingredients like cheese, etc. with sourdough bread. Here are the seven best ways to enjoy this nutritious bread:

Avocado Spread

You can whip up a fantastic and healthy breakfast by mixing mashed avocado with garlic, salt, and pepper to create a tasty spread. Slice your sourdough bread, and then spread the avocado mixture on top to enjoy a lovely and filling breakfast.


Amp up your bruschettas with sourdough. Not only does it boost the nutritional content, but it also provides an impeccable taste and texture to the overall dish.

Simply chop some tomatoes and combine them with basil and some olive oil. Add the mixture on top of the bread for a satisfying meal in just 10 minutes. Perfect for busy mornings when you don't want to sacrifice health or flavour.


An omelette made from eggs is only complete as a dish when a slice or two of bread accompanies it on the plate. The iconic bread and omelette will get even better when you replace your regular bread with sourdough toast, as it will make the meal much more flavourful and enjoyable. If you prefer, add some veggies along with some cheese and chicken bits to enjoy a complete breakfast.

Cheese Toast

Upgrade your cheesy delight by swapping regular bread for sourdough to make your cheese toast healthier and even more flavourful. Place your preferred cheese between the toasted sourdough slices and melt it under a grill. Whether you pick mozzarella, cheddar, or another type, the result will be delicious and creamy.

Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is delicious, but it can get boring real soon if you keep having it on its own. Additions like croutons and fried noodles are fun, but there is so much more that can be done. You can dip your sourdough slice in your soup and enjoy the soup and bread together in an unusual yet delicious pairing. You can also make croutons with garlic and herbs from sourdough if you want to experiment a bit with the flavours.


It is time to amp up your sandwiches with sourdough. It is pretty much the same as regular sandwiches; you only have to replace your bread with sourdough. Add some tomatoes, peppers, radish, cheese, chicken slices, cucumbers, sauces, and condiments of your preference, like chilli sauce, ketchup, or mayonnaise, to make it more flavourful. The texture of sourdough and its firmness also help in making perfect sandwiches.


Bread is a popular side dish with salad, and many people enjoy bread with salad. If you fall into the same category, then try adding sourdough to your salads. By using sourdough in place of your regular bread, there is a high chance that you may even start enjoying your salads more. You can toast your bread, eat it straight, or make small pieces of it and put them straight into your salad for a different texture among the veggies.