Love Poori-Aloo For Breakfast? Try Manipur’s Tan & Aloo Kangmet
Image Credit: Tan and Aloo Kangmet

In some parts of North India, like Uttar Pradesh, you’ll find Poori and Aloo as a classic breakfast dish that is served hot in the morning. The idea of eating fried food for breakfast is not very uncommon in the northern parts of the country. You’ll find kachoris, samosas and pooris being made on the streets early in the morning. 

These deep-fried bites are then paired with chutneys or curries. In the case of poori, it is usually aloo curry that is combined with it to make a wholesome meal. Interestingly, there is a northeastern cousin of this humble breakfast dish called tan and aloo kangmet. What is it, you ask? Well, tan, for the unversed, is a kind of local bread that is made with flour, salt and water. Similar to how a poori is made, tan is usually deep-fried in hot oil to get an amazing golden-brown colour.  

However, others prefer to cook it like a crepe on a skillet, keeping it flat and thin. To go along with this Manipuri bread, the locals usually make aloo kangmet. For the uninitiated, it is a kind of potato curry that is made with mashed potatoes, red chillies and mustard oil. The aroma of this curry tantalises the taste buds early in the morning. This yummy and delicious combination of bread and potatoes doesn’t come alone though.  

Often, Manipuris pair this with a side of black tea, called changang. Cha, in the local language, refers to tea and changang is a type of black tea infused with the flavours of bay leaves and ginger. This soul-soothing and light cup of tea is a perfect accompaniment for the appetising breakfast consisting of tan and aloo kangmet.