Love Of Rakhi: 4 Munching Options For Your Siblings
Image Credit: Munching Options For Siblings

With the festive season around the corner, hosting and gifting is something extraordinary for your near and dear ones. The festival spree starts with Raksha Bandhan, marking the eternal bond of care and love between brother and sister. In this changing lifestyle and the current pandemic situation, it is advisably to give something that provides good health and is best in taste. People today have been switching to a natural and healthier lifestyle, and looking for something can be a big task for us. 

One such diet that is once again gaining popularity amongst people is the sattvic diet. Based on principles of Ayurveda and rich in plan-based nutrients, a sattvic diet is known to give the body pure, clean energy. Keeping in mind the ongoing festive season, Annakoot by ISKCON Bangalore has a sattvic gift hamper. The box has soya katori, sticks, atta and chocolate cookies. 

  1. Atta cookies: Atta cookies are made up of whole wheat flour instead of refined wheat flour and are considered more nutritious than biscuits made up of refined wheat flour as the whole wheat flour contains more fibre and nutrients.
  2. Soya Sticks: As mentioned above, critical benefits as soya are high in protein, vitamins, minerals and insoluble fibre. Enjoy it anytime with zero per cent trans-fat and zero per cent cholesterol.
  3. Chocolate cookies: We all love chocolate be the most, no matter what age we fall into. Studies have also suggested that chocolate could lower the cholesterol level and prevent memory change.  
  4. Soya Katori: Soya Katori is a healthy and nutritious snack high in protein and made up of soybeans. 

This gift hamper is classic for spreading the festive joy and celebrations as you meet and greet friends and family to celebrate. It is believed in making the most delicate products by using recipes passed down through generations of traditional sattvic cooks. So, spread the festive joy with a sattvic, conventional and healthy selection.