Love Mason Jars? Here's 10 Dishes & Drinks To Serve In Them
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Everyone who loves their food in this day and age knows just how valuable a mason jar is. Made of glass, with or without a handle, and sealed with a tin lid, these mason jars have become an essential part of the food industry and the lives of young people everywhere since the 2010s. In fact, mason jars are so popular now that in the US, November 30 is celebrated as National Mason Jar Day since 2017! But did you know that mason jars have existed in the world long before the handy utensil made its grand revival in the 2010s? 

The mason jar was first patented in 1858 by an American called John Landis Mason. Mason lost his patent a few years later but even today, the mason jar carries his name and heritage. Mason jars were originally used as utensils in which jams and pickles could be stored, and in some parts of the US, it was even used to display products at fairs. During the Second World War, mason jars were used by the US government to ration food and preserve it too. It was during and after this phase of history that mason jars started becoming popular all over the world. 

In the 2010s, mason jars experienced a global revival and became more than just a utensil that was used to preserve jams and pickles safely. Instead, mason jars as we now know them, became the utensil in which entire single-portion meals can be stored, served and even travelled with. Today, mason jars can be found in the kitchen of every young person in the world, and is used to carry plenty of dishes and a variety of drinks around. Here are some such dishes and drinks that you too can serve up in mason jars. 

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5 Dishes Served In Mason Jars 

Mason jars offer the perfect space to layer up and serve a wide variety of dishes. Originally, hipsters across the world picked up the mason jar to create single-portion meals that could be carried to work and other places with ease. Now of course, mason jars are used around the world to create interesting meals. Here are some such dishes you can explore. 

1. Salads 

The most commonly served dish in mason jars is salad. While salads mixed up and served in bowls can look and feel quite regular and boring, when served in mason jars, they turn into delicious works of art that always manage to turn eyes. The colours of the ingredients pop, the dressings can always be added on top, and more than that, you can just seal the lid and shake well to infuse the salad flavours. If you are making salads in mason jars, make sure you include plenty of options. 

2. Indian Rice Meals 

Have you ever seen how a simple dal-chawal, khichdi or even rajma chawal combo from Indian cuisine pops and looks gourmet when served in mason jars? This is because mason jars offer Indian meals, especially rice-based ones, the chance to shine perfectly with all their components getting a spot in the limelight. While layering up Indian rice meals in mason jars, make sure that you add textures of papad and salad on top to add a bit of crunch.  

3. Desserts 

From global favourites like tiramisu and trifle to Indian ones like kheer and halwa, a wide variety of desserts can be served up with ease in mason jars. For dishes like tiramisu and trifle, the glass surface of mason jars gives ample opportunity to witness the layers of the dessert. In the case of Indian desserts, you can not only view the contents but also travel with them. In fact, mason jars are used now to also gift people desserts during the festive season. 

4. Pasta Meals 

What goes into the ultimate plate of pasta? Well, al dente pasta no matter what their shape, a delicious, punchy sauce made with veggies and meat (if you eat meat that is), plenty of herbs and flavour additions, and of course, lots of cheese. All of these ingredients can be layered up to perfection in mason jars, making for great mason jar meals that you can carry to work or travel with.  

5. Parfaits  

Parfaits are basically layered dishes which combine various textures and ingredients that are usually healthy. Mostly made with oats, chia seeds, yoghurt and a medley of fruits and veggies, parfaits are perfect when served in mason jars. The best part is, these mason jar parfaits can be sweet or savoury depending on your preference and healthful needs. 


5 Drinks To Serve In Mason Jars 

Mason jars have turned into the perfect carriers for drinks from around the world, thanks to the fact that they are easy to seal and carry around. While drinks served in traditional glasses always pose the threat of spilling all over you, mason jars don’t, which is why they are now used to serve a wide variety of drinks all over the world. Here are some that you should know about.  

1. Smoothies & Shakes 

Whether you are making a simple, healthy smoothie with fresh fruits and vegetables, or a shake made either for indulgence or that trip to the gym, mason jars are your best friends. Smoothie bowls have now become quite the trend thanks to the layers of fruits, nuts and seeds they have, and all of these can be perfectly displayed in mason jars. Similarly, any variety of shake looks delicious in these glass jars. 

2. Iced Coffee & Tea 

Always a summer favourite, ice coffee and tea now has hundreds of varieties around the world—and all of them can be easily served up in mason jars. You can brew your own signature coffee or tea variety and let it cool, then pour it into a mason jar and add ice, milk, cream or any other toppings you may like. Seal and carry your favourite brew around with you. 

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3. Infused Waters 

Infused waters are all the rage in the world now thanks to the fact that everyone is now aware of how beneficial and hydrating these healthy drinks are. Mason jars allow people to make these infused waters easy to store in the refrigerator because of their sealable lid. So, just packed a mason jar with citrus fruits, berries, cucumbers and water and place in the fridge until they are infused. 

4. Cocktails 

Sure, every cocktail has a signature glass that it is served in, but the fact is, today, mason jars are increasingly being used to serve classic as well as innovative cocktails. This is because mason jars, especially those with handles, make for handy utensils that are easy to infuse cocktails in and easier still to drink directly from. This is true for both parties as well as your own personal cocktail binge time at home. 

5. Lemonades 

Summer favourites as well as hydrating staples in winter, lemonades and even fruit punches are increasingly being enjoyed in mason jars. Why? Well, you can easily pour all the ingredients in a mason jar, close the lid and shake well to get any lemonade ready within minutes, and no manual stirring is required. Make them with any fruits and juices you want but make them you must.