Love Maria Goretti's Ghoteche Sasav? Try These Mango Dishes

Don’t just settle on mango milkshakes and aam panna this season because there’s a host of mango recipes in Indian cuisine which need your attention. Culinary personality Maria Goretti recently took to Instagram to share a Goan recipe which focuses on seasonal raw mangoes. Ghotache Sasav which is a traditional dish from the coastal Konkan region of Maharashtra primarily features ripe mangoes, which are in season during the summer months and are a staple in Konkani cuisine.

The star ingredient in Ghotache Sasav is ripe mangoes, often of the Alphonso variety, known for their sweetness and rich flavour. The mangoes are peeled, mashed, or cut into pieces and then combined with a blend of spices and other ingredients. The preparation starts with tempering mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds in oil until they crackle, releasing their aromatic flavours. The mango pulp, along with coconut and spices, is then added to the pan. This mixture is simmered gently, allowing the flavours to meld together and the mangoes to soften, resulting in a thick, flavorful curry. However, ghotache sasav is not the only spiced mango delicacy that’s worth your time this season. Here are a few others.

Aam ka Achaar 

Aam ka Achaar is a quintessential Indian mango pickle known for its tangy, spicy, and aromatic flavours. Raw mangoes are chopped and mixed with a blend of spices such as mustard seeds, fennel seeds, nigella seeds, fenugreek seeds, and red chilli powder. These ingredients are then combined with mustard oil and left to mature in sunlight for several days, allowing the spices to infuse deeply into the mango pieces. The result is a tangy and spicy condiment that pairs well with Indian meals, especially rice and parathas.

Aam Panna 

Aam Panna is a refreshing Indian summer drink made from raw mangoes. The mangoes are boiled, peeled, and blended with spices like roasted cumin powder, black salt, and mint leaves. Sweetened with jaggery or sugar, Aam Panna is known for its cooling properties and is traditionally consumed to beat the heat and prevent dehydration. This tangy, sweet, and spicy drink is a favourite during the scorching summer months and is also believed to have digestive benefits.

Mango Chutney

Mango chutney is a sweet and spicy condiment that enhances the flavours of many Indian dishes. Typically made from ripe mangoes, the chutney combines ingredients like sugar, vinegar, ginger, garlic, and an array of spices including mustard seeds, cumin, and chilli powder. The mixture is cooked down to a jam-like consistency, resulting in a rich, flavorful preserve. Mango chutney can be served with appetizers, main courses, or even as a spread, offering a delightful contrast to savoury foods.

Mambazha Pulissery

This South Indian mango curry is a traditional dish where ripe mangoes are cooked in a tangy and spicy yoghurt-based gravy. The curry is flavoured with coconut, cumin, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and green chilies. The sweetness of the mangoes complements the tanginess of the yoghurt and the heat from the spices, creating a complex and delicious dish. It is typically served with steamed rice and is especially popular in Kerala cuisine.

Spiced Aamras

Aamras is a simple yet delicious mango puree commonly enjoyed in the western states of India, such as Gujarat and Maharashtra. Ripe mangoes are pureed and often flavoured with a hint of cardamom and saffron. Sometimes, a touch of black salt and cumin powder is added to enhance the flavour profile. This sweet, silky puree is usually served with puris (deep-fried bread) or as a dessert on its own. It captures the essence of mango season in its purest form.