Love Having Appe For Breakfast? Make These 5 Varieties

Idli, dosa, and upma are some of the most popular south Indian morning foods, and they are at the top of the list when it comes to tasty breakfast ideas. 'Appe' is yet another dish that is quite well-liked in the southern region of India. Idli batter that has been left over can be used to make a delectable alternative to breakfast foods. In addition to being soft and fluffy on the inside, appes have a little firm texture on the outside. Appes are crunchy balls. These are typically served with sambar or chutney made from coconut. This article is a list of five appe recipes that we have compiled for you to assist you in organising your breakfast at home. 

Moong dal appe 

The moong dal appe will not only provide your body with the much-needed protein boost, but it will also make for a delicious breakfast. Simply prepare the batter by substituting moong dal for rice, rava, or any other ingredient. This is all that is required of you. Serve it with chutney made from coconut or mint. 

Rice appe 

A wonderful choice for breakfast as well as a snack in the evening, this is a wonderful selection. In order to excite your taste buds, prepare rice appe and serve them hot with idli podi masala or gun powder. This dish is suitable for consumption by people of all ages and across every group of people.

Murmure appe 

In most cases, appe is prepared using rice batter; however, if you want to create the breakfast in a very short amount of time, you can use puffed rice (murmure) for the batter. Murmur appe is delicious and shouts overindulgence at the same time. It will just take you approximately fifteen minutes to prepare it. These five appe recipes will help you get your day off to a wonderful start and will make your breakfast an enjoyable one.

Rava appe 

This is yet another appe that will make you drool, and it is something that you can easily prepare in the morning. Your family members will enjoy it. To create it, all you need is some rava, also known as semolina, and curd. It's not only delicious but also healthy. Prepare this dish, then serve it with some delicious chutney. 

Mixed veg appe 

Do you find yourself getting tired with the way you normally prepare appe? To give the meal a delicious twist, you might include some fresh veggies instead of the traditional ingredients. Include some chopped veggies in the batter for this, and provide your family with a healthy dose of nutrients in the shape of an appe consisting of a variety of vegetables.