Love Happy Hours? Here's Everything To Know About The Concept
Image Credit: Pexels

Happy Hour! Don’t you just love the magical hour when the clock strikes five, and you can head to your favourite bar after work? Happy Hours are all about discounted drinks, conversations filled with laughter, and a chance to relax after work. But have you ever wondered about the origins of this traditional concept?

Surprisingly, Happy Hour is not a modern-day concept to entertain corporates during after-office time; it dates back to the early 20th century.  In the early 1900s, the term was used by the US Navy to give their water-borne sailors a chance to unwind and enjoy at the dock. These “happy hours” were introduced to help the sailors break the monotonous routine they used to have while sailing to boost their morale. 

The Prohibition Era

Fast forward to the Prohibition Era of the 1920s, the sale of alcohol was declared to be illegal. However, after the end of the day, the Americans wanted to have a few drinks to refresh before getting aligned to the household chores. Then came the rise of some underground bars that started selling drinks at a discounted rate for a particular time, naming them the famous – Happy Hours.

Post-Prohibition Revival

However, after the Prohibition Law was abolished in 1993, happy hours had already gained much popularity. So, the bars and restaurants continued to officially release their discounts during specific hours each day. And just like that, every day, patrons would come in at those specified hours, socialise with their friends, and unwind with a few drinks while managing their budgets. 

The tradition became even more prominent after World War II as people wanted to know more about the soldiers’ experiences during those dark times, and the pubs and bars became their go-to spots during the Happy Hours. Soon enough, the term “Happy Hours” became synonymous with catching up and sharing laughter over discounted drinks.

Evolution And Innovation

Ever since then, the concept of Happy Hours has travelled through the world, and almost every bar, pub, and restaurant advertise their happy hours to lure in more customers. It has now become a marketing trend, be it on social media platforms or through attractive banners outside the bars. It’s a way to showcase the bartender’s specially crafted cocktails or a pub’s famous brewed beers. 

As of now, Happy Hours are not just limited to getting hefty discounts on drinks, but also special food, live music, and other themed events where office goers can chill after a hectic day of work. So, go on and enjoy the evolution of Happy Hours at your favourite bar, but at the same time, be cautious with the number of your drinks as it can be attempting to just have another at those prices!