Love Chow Mein ? These 7 Dishes On The Side Must Be There Too

Chinese stir-fried noodles called chow mein are made with crispy pan-fried wheat noodles. Its texture is a pleasing blend of crispy and chewy, providing a fun contrast. Rich, umami-rich, and savoury flavours are frequently accentuated by the addition of soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and a range of veggies or proteins. Chow mein is distinguished by its flavorful combination of savoury undertones and a velvety texture.

Chow mein tastes and feels better when paired with complimentary foods. Proteins like chicken or tofu are expertly complemented by the savoury and slightly crunchy noodles. The rich sauces bring everything together, while the vegetables add a lively crunch. This harmonious mix enhances the entire dining experience and makes every bite tasty and gratifying.

Here is the list of best dishes to combine with chow mein:

1. Szechuan Chicken: 

Szechuan chicken and chow mein combine to create a delicious and flavourful combination of flavours. The strong and spicy tones of the Szechuan chicken are perfectly complemented by the savoury and slightly crispy noodles. The flavour of the chicken sauce is enhanced by the fragrant combination of ginger, garlic, and Szechuan peppercorns. The chow mein's neutral flavour and the chicken's heat combine to create a delightful blend of textures and flavours that please the tongue with just the right amount of savoury, spicy, and umami pleasure.

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2. Vegetable Manchurian: 

Chow mein and vegetable manchurian together provide a balance. Savoury and slightly crispy chow mein noodles are the ideal match for the delicious and luscious vegetable manchurian. The manchurian sauce's sour and spicy tones are balanced by the deep, umami flavour of the noodles. With a blend of textures and a blast of savoury, somewhat sweet, and acidic flavours, every bite presents a pleasant contrast. This combination highlights the beauty of Chinese-Indian fusion cuisine and turns a basic meal into a delicious experience.

3. Crispy Chilli Potatoes: 

Pairing chow mein with crispy chilli potatoes creates a tantalising fusion of tastes and textures. The savoury and slightly crispy noodles complement the spiciness of the chilli-coated, crispy potatoes. The contrast of the soft chow mein against the crunchy potatoes enhances the overall dining experience. The flavorful sauce from the crispy chilli potatoes adds a tangy and spicy kick, creating a delightful balance with the neutral and savoury notes of the chow mein. Together, they form a delicious and satisfying combination that excites the palate.

4. Garlic Prawn: 

Garlic prawns and chow mein combine to produce a delicious combination of textures and flavours. The rich, garlicky flavour of the noodles balances the flavour of the juicy prawns, which are slightly crunchy and savoury. The prawns' inherent sweetness is balanced by the umami flavours of the soy sauce in chow mein. The mix of the chewy, crispy noodles with the soft, delicious prawns creates a lovely contrast. This combination produces a delicious dish that tantalises the taste buds with just the right amount of savoury, garlicky pleasure.

5. Chicken 65: 

Chow mein and Chicken 65 combine to create a delicious blend of textures and flavours. The robust and spicy flavour of Chicken 65, a Southern Indian fried chicken dish, is complemented by the savoury, slightly crispy noodles. The delicate, flavorfully seasoned chicken brings out the umami flavour and strikes a nice balance. Every bite has more depth thanks to the contrast between the crispy noodles and succulent chicken. The end result is a lovely blend that offers a tasty and gratifying dining experience, as the powerful and aromatic flavours of Chicken 65 blend perfectly with the savoury notes of chow mein.

6. Chili Paneer: 

A delicious mix of flavours is produced when chow mein and chilli paneer are combined. The spicy and tangy flavours of the chilli paneer are expertly matched with the savoury, somewhat crispy chow mein noodles. The soft yet gratifying bite of the noodles combines well with the chewy texture of paneer wrapped in a tasty sauce. All in all, it's a lovely contrast, with the umami richness of chow mein complemented by the heat from the chilli paneer, making for a flavorful and harmonious culinary combination.

7. Gobi Manchurian: 

The combination of chow mein with Gobi Manchurian creates a symphony of flavours and textures. The savoury and slightly crispy chow mein noodles perfectly complement the crispiness of the Gobi Manchurian, which features cauliflower florets coated in a flavorful Manchurian sauce. The neutral base of the chow mein allows the bold and tangy flavours of the Gobi Manchurian to shine through, resulting in a deliciously balanced and satisfying dish. It's a delightful union of crunchy textures and rich, savoury tastes that make every bite a culinary delight.