Love Baking? Know These Four Types Of Cake Frosting
Image Credit: Frosting (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Cakes are a lovely dessert to end any meal but with a layer of frosting, the cake can be truly heavenly. If you are a home baker and enjoy baking your own cakes, we suggest trying out some new frostings to elevate your cake. 

Frostings come in all different forms, textures, colours, and consistency. The kind of frosting you use depends on the kind of cake you have or the kind of frosting you like. There are cream frostings, butter frostings, egg-based frosting, meringues, and icing. Here, we’ll be talking about four basic frostings from the buttercream category. 

Swiss Buttercream

Also called Swiss meringue buttercream, this frosting is made from five ingredients. The frosting is silky, creamy, and smooth with a hint of vanilla and a dash of salt. This kind of frosting holds its shape extremely well. So if you like decorating cakes, Swiss buttercream is the one to use for piping swirls and flowers. The great part about Swiss buttercream is that it's not extra sweet like another buttercream.

French Buttercream

While Swiss and Italian buttercream is practical and uses leftover ingredients, French buttercream is over the top and decadent. If you are celebrating a ceremony or party, this is the buttercream you want. With flavors from custard and vanilla pudding, this buttercream is difficult to make but absolutely worth it. It is a precision recipe, so you’ll need a specialty candy thermometer. 

Italian Buttercream

Much like Swiss buttercream, Italian buttercream is soft, less sweet, and velvety. This is the smoothest buttercream, so it helps make perfect lines and write amazing letters on cakes. Italian buttercream is most often used in making wedding cakes. 

American Buttercream

This is your average easy-to-make buttercream frosting. It requires two to three ingredients. Though it is really sweet, the classic tastes of the American buttercream are irreplaceable and work absolutely well with any kind of cake.