Looks Like Bharti Singh Is Really Hungry For This Italian Dish; Can You Make A Guess?
Image Credit: Screengrab of story/Instagram, Tempted much? Try these pizza recipes.

Don’t they say that people who can make you laugh are the best kind of people? It is also believed that those who like eat are also the best kind of people. When food and humour come together, imagine what a phenomenal time you would have. Being the foodie that I am, food puns and food jokes crack me up each time. Not only do they sound hilarious, they are witty at times too. We witnessed this wittiness in Kapil Sharma’s recent episode which featured famous Indian chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor, Ranveer Brar and Kunal Kapur for their chef special. From nutty humour to fun takes on the cooking skills of these culinary gurus, it was a fun ride. 

Recently, another comedian expressed her hunger pangs and we are laughing and drooling at same time. Bharti Singh, who started her journey as a stand-up comic at a time when female comedians were not appreciated that much, has managed to earn her fame and fan fare with her real-life based humour and spontaneity. The comedian who currently plays the aunt’s character in Kapil Sharma’s show as well as a comedy game show called Khatra Khatra, was spotted having pizza. She reposted an Instagram story where she is seen being drawn towards a large pizza kept in front of her. Here, take a look. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Bharti Singh

This is a dry and light pizza which is has Mediterranean flavours in it. The sardines, red onions and Kalamata olives give this pizza a distinct taste.