Looking To Gain Weight? Try These Healthy Drinks

To promote weight gain, it is recommended to choose beverages that are high in calories. These can include smoothies, protein shakes, homemade weight gainer shakes, milkshakes, nutrient-dense juices, hot chocolate, malted milk, homemade smoothie bowls, and calorie-dense hot beverages such as chai or matcha lattes. Incorporate nutrient-rich components such as whole milk, yoghurt, nut butter, protein powder, fruits, and sweeteners to elevate the caloric value of your dish. It is imperative to maintain a balanced diet while consuming these beverages. For personalised recommendations, it is advisable to seek guidance from a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian. 

For those seeking to increase their body mass, it can be worthwhile to integrate high-calorie beverages into their meal plan. Below are some beverage recommendations that can aid in promoting weight gain. 


Smoothies are an excellent means of incorporating a plethora of calories and nutrients into your diet. To create a delectable foundation, opt for either dairy milk, yoghurt, or a non-dairy alternative such as almond milk. Incorporate some delectable fruits such as bananas, mangoes, or berries to infuse a natural sweetness to your dish. 

Protein Shakes 

Protein shakes are a highly effective means of adding your protein consumption and strengthening muscle development. Select a premium-grade protein powder and blend it with your preferred liquid such as milk, yoghurt, or water. Incorporate delectable components such as nut butter, oats, fruits, or honey to elevate the taste profile and caloric value. For optimal caloric intake, it is recommended to opt for whole milk or a milk substitute that boasts a higher fat content. 


Milkshakes are a timeless, indulgent beverage known for their high caloric content. For optimal results, it is recommended to utilise whole milk or a milk substitute with a higher fat content as the foundation. Enhance the caloric and gustatory dimensions of your dish by incorporating delectable toppings such as ice cream, nuts, chocolate syrup, or fresh fruits. Explore diverse pairings to discover your preferred flavour profiles. 


For a more nourishing option, consider selecting fruit juices that are rich in nutrients. Incorporate delectable fruits such as bananas, mangoes, dates, or avocados into your juice blends to enhance both the nutritional value and caloric content. For a more substantial dish, consider incorporating nut butter, yoghurt, or protein powder. 

Hot Beverage 

For those with a penchant for warm beverages, It is recommended exploring calorie-rich alternatives such as indulgent hot chocolate, aromatic chai latte, or the trendy matcha latte. For optimal richness and flavour, it is recommended to utilise whole milk or a milk substitute with elevated fat content. To amplify the taste and caloric value, incorporate sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup, or even spices.