Top 6 Water Dispensers For Your Kitchen Counter

A water dispenser ensures a feasible supply of water. Whether cold water or warm, you can always find it within your arm's reach. Also, having a water dispenser inside the kitchen is beneficial as you don't need to step out in the middle of your cooking every time you need water. All you need is a barrel of clean water, and the dispenser will take care of the rest. This remarkable innovation is truly affordable if you are worrying about your budget. Today, we are presenting a list of 6 carefully curated dispensers based on customer ratings and affordability. 

GOLDEN DEER Rechargeable Water Dispenser (White)

This BPA-free GOLDEN DEER dispenser is an electrically powered device made of high-quality ABS plastic. It has a food-grade silicon hose and is perfectly safe for the human body. It is compatible with 3 to 5 gallons of vessels as long as the neck is 2.16 inches and requires no prying of the lid. In addition, it has a rechargeable battery of 1200mAh with a long life. Fast charging provisions are also available.

Furthermore, the device can run for 30 to 40 days after a single charge. The 3.8-watt built-in water pump allows quick water withdrawal at the rate of 2 litres per minute. It operates with low noise and has a sleek design.

 ASIN ID - B0BCKRK237   

ATLANTIS Table Top Hot and Normal Water Dispenser (White)

This device can dispense both hot water and room-temperature water. An efficient heating mechanism heats 5 litres of water every hour. On top of this, it can store 2 litres of normal water and 1 litre of hot water. However, remember to switch on the dispenser after connecting the water source to it. There are glass push taps that enable the machine. 


Amazon Basics Hot, Cold and Normal Water Dispenser (Multicolour)

Apart from the frequent tea and coffee sessions, you can also have chilled "Nimbu-paani" sessions with the Amazon Basics water dispenser, as it dispenses both hot and cold water in addition to room-temperature water. It has separate heating and cooling indicators and three separate outlets for water with different temperatures. Heating and cooling could be separately controlled through switches at the back. So, when you only need hot water, you can shut down the cooling functions altogether. It operates silently and is eco-friendly. It has an in-built compressor and a detachable drip tray that collect the spill-over water.

 ASIN ID - B09Q6DKCZ5   

Voltas Mini Magic Pure-T 500-Watt Water Dispenser (White)

You can obtain cold, hot and normal-temperature water from this Voltas water dispenser. There are three separate faucets for the types of water it dispenses. An efficient power consumption mechanism allows it to deliver cold water at 80 to 86 watts and hot water at around 500 watts. It has a water-cooling rate of three litres per hour and a heating rate of 5 litres per hour. Moreover, it can store 3.2 litres of cold water and 0.9 litres of hot water. The stylish LED signal indicates whether heating or cooling is going on. What's more? It has got a hot water dispensing lock for overall safety.

 ASIN ID - B011BUR8BG   

OM CLAER Automatic Wireless Water Bottle Can Dispenser

This portable electric-powered water dispenser is suitable for homes, offices or even when you are vacationing outside. This OM CLAER product guarantees a quick water withdrawal with its waterproof, silicon-capped one-touch precision button. It is easy to install and use. All you need to do is to insert the pipe and the silicon hose at its position and then set it on the barrel. The silicon used here is a food-grade one and is non-toxic. The device is rechargeable and can be charged quickly with the help of a USB port. 


USHA Instafresh Floor Standing - Hot, Normal & Cold-water Dispenser (White)

With a glorious combination of sleek design and productivity, the USHA water dispenser can provide hot, cold and room-temperature water. It is compact and has a safety lock for the hot water faucet to prevent accidental dispersal and bodily harm. It has a water-cooling capacity of 3 litres per hour and a water-heating capacity of 5 litres per hour. Moreover, it can store 3.2 litres of cold water and up to 1 litre of hot water. It is easy to use and has a stylish body made of ABS plastic. But that's not all; the three faucets are rust-resistant, which guarantees you safe drinking water. In addition, it is eco-friendly and does not involve CFCs.