Looking For Some Soupy Comfort, Try These Ramen Bowls
Image Credit: Chicken Teriyaki Ramen From YouMee

Imagine a bowl of slow-cooked broth that’s loaded with meats, eggs, seafood and veggies. That’s what a comforting Ramen bowl is all about. This bowl of goodness is perfect indulgence on winter nights. Delicious and cozy, Ramen bowl originated in Japan, where it’s part of their everyday of life.  The curly wheat noodles and the flavory broth, is mostly flavored with either soy sauce or miso. The toppings are the USP of the bowl. The trick in creating a great Ramen bowl lies in balancing different textures and flavours. A well down bowl will never disappoint you. 


YOÜ MEE, this Pan-Asian fusion food restaurant that sees the interesting Japanese Manga backdrop, is a reflection of an overall cultural interest in food and cooking. Though the heart of the menu is Sushi, Dimsum, Ramen & Robata; but their Ramen bowls are also too drool for. They have Chicken Coconut Curry Ramen a mild (A coconut-milk based ramen bowl with shredded chicken and lots of veggies like broccoli, carrot, mushroom and more along with some fresh red chili), Chicken Teriyaki Ramen (This Teriyaki-glazed chicken along with mixed greens wakame and more miso flavored broth), Vegan Coconut  Curry Ramen (perfect for non-meat lovers, this one is made with a yellow coconut-milk based curry, loaded with the goodness of veggies) and Crumbled Tofu & Peanut Ramen is all thing happy about.

Price – Rs 525 onwards


Think of comfort cozy Japanese eating place in the Capital, Shibuya surely tops the list. Names after a special ward in Tokyo, this place may not be not fine dining, but surely is fun dining. There spicy salmon, pork gyoza and fried chicken are absolutely a must try but the Ramen bowls too are a star in them menu. Vegan Ramen Tofu, glazed veggies and sesame spinach or the Shibuya Katsu Curry in either veg or non veg version or the iconic Miso chicken Ramen that comes with a delicately soft-boiled egg and some shitake and more meat lovers the Shibuya braised pork Ramen where the thickly slice the pork and the carefully halve the eggs lengthwise adds to the texture of the bowl. This meaty and clear broth makes perfect indulgence in this weather. This place is just perfect to enjoy you slice of Japan as you sip in some of the finest sake.

Price- Rs 700 onwards

Altogether Experimental

This all girl’s kitchen sees an exclusive menu - The Ramen Bar. The café is an exciting combination of carefully crafted selection from the in-season and locally sourced ingredients with an array of flavors, for a seasonal menu of delectable cakes, petite gateaux & savory platters. Each dish at Altogether Experimental is made from scratch - in-house dips, freshly prepared breads, hand-pulled noodles, etc; with a focus on texture and flavors. Their exclusive Ramen bar menu sees Shoyu : Ramen noodles in an Aromatic Herb Broth flavored with a Soy Tare along with red chili, garlic oil and thai Basil. Served with an array of toppings like bok choy, shiitake mushroom, fried scallions, shallots and garlic, crispy lotus stem, steamed sweet corn. Miso Ramen noodles in a spicy Miso Tare flavored broth along with red chili and garlic oil.Topped with crispy chicken, Ajitama egg and veggies like bok choy, fried scallions, shallots and garlic, and steamed sweet corn. Tantanmen Ramen noodles flavored with a spicy Peanut & Sesame Tare with a hint of basil, coriander and scallions. The wholesome bowl has shredded chicken, crispy lotus stem, steamed sweet corn Ajitama egg, button mushrooms and topped with sesame seeds, fried scallions, shallots and garlic.

Price- Rs 560 onwards


This Harajuku Tokyo Cafe, a Japan-inspired QSR brand is all about some scrumptious Japanese offerings but also for a one-of-a-kind dining experience for food lovers. With renowned Japanese chefs working under the brand's wing, the café serves some of the best freshly baked Japanese Jiggly Cheesecake, exclusively-crafted Japanese desserts and breads, and made-on-order street food like takoyaki, chicken karaage and the twelve-inch-long Japanese fries. But don’t be dishearten is this also has some great Ramen bowl. You can choose from Classic ramen bowl which is a broth slow cooked with fresh veg/meat stock, Curry Bowl another flavored bowl with our house special golden curry served with katsu chicken/ tofu/ prawns, Miso Ramen bowl that is flavored with traditional Japanese miso paste. They also have an interesting version, the Gyoza Ramen which is spicy ramen noodles stir fried with exotic veggies, topped with chicken karaage/ shrimp popcorn crispy pepper vegetables, gyozas and pak choi

Price- Rs 675 inwards 


The comfort of a ramen bowl is only known to those who swear by this brothy flavourful dish. A meal in a bowl concept surely gets justified here. There authentic ramen bowl called Chashu Ramen Shoyu in miso, pork or soy broth is simmered for 72 hours to bring out that wonderful taste! Ain’t that sounds amazing. Even their Tokyo Shio Chicken Ramen which is much milder and the Burnt Garlic ramen is pretty flavourful too. 

Price- Rs 750 onwards