Lohri 2024: Chikki, Rewari And More, Mithais To Celebrate

With the winter chill settling in, Lohri arrives to bring forth a sense of celebration and the delicious anticipation of sweet treats. Mithais, or traditional Indian sweets, are an essential part of Lohri celebrations, representing the sweetness of life and the bountiful harvest season. With their iconic til and gur creations and modern twists on classic favourites, Lohri special mithais bring a delightful touch of sweetness to the bonfires and bonding. 

Til and Gur Rewri 

Til and Gur Rewri, a traditional Lohri treat, combines sesame seeds with jaggery and ghee in a beautiful harmony. These crispy, bite-sized discs are a celebration of the harvest's abundance and an irresistible blend of sweet and nutty flavours. Because gur stands for the sweetness of life and til for warmth, Rewri embodies Lohri's character. 

Peanut Chikki 

Peanuts are a mainstay throughout Lohri, but Peanut Chikki takes them to an additional level with its crunchy, sugary deliciousness. A textured bar that embodies the spirit of winter harvest is made with roasted peanuts and caramelised jaggery. Peanut Chikki is a popular snack to have around the Lohri fire because of its distinct nuttiness and the delicious joy it provides. 


The traditional winter sweet gajak is available in many varieties; one of the most popular is the Lohri bar, which combines dry fruits with sesame seeds. A combination of crushed nuts, sesame seeds, and jaggery creates this rich and dense treat, which is both nourishing and decadent. A staple of Lohri feasts, it is known for its nutty crunch and sweet aftertaste. 

Atte ka Halwa 

On this Lohri morning, when you're in the mood for something warm and sugary, make Atte ka Halwa with whole wheat flour, ghee, and jaggery. This classic and comfortable delicacy brings a touch of warmth to the Lohri celebration, with its garnish of nuts and fragrant spices. The true spirit of harvest season can be experienced thanks to the ingredients' simplicity.  

Gond ke Ladoo 

A beloved Lohri treat, Gond ke Ladoo is a nutritious powerhouse made with edible gum (gond), whole wheat flour, and jaggery. This ladoo is believed to offer strength and warmth throughout the winter because it is rich in vital nutrients. It is a healthy delicacy for the celebration because to its chewy texture and earthy flavour. 


Hailing from the Punjabi culinary repertoire, Pinni is a dense and sweet confection made from roasted wheat flour, ghee, and jaggery. Adorned with nuts and often flavoured with cardamom, Pinni embodies the essence of Lohri, offering a delectable journey through traditional Punjabi flavours. 

Moong Dal Halwa 

Moong Dal Halwa, made with sugar, ghee, and moong dal, is a rich and celebratory dish that works year-round. The combination, when cooked slowly, produces a golden-hued halwa that is so tender it almost melts. Its velvety texture and rich flavour make it a show-stopper at Lohri celebrations.