Locked Inside? Here’s Delhi’s Best Cloud Kitchen Deliveries
Image Credit: A meal from Me-awww

Locked Inside? Here’s Delhi’s Best Cloud Kitchen Deliveries

The whole idea of cloud kitchen saw a 360 turn since the first lockdown in 2020. With multiple of them carving a niche in app-based food delivery platforms, cloud kitchens are all about helping you dine at the comfort of your home. They only take online orders and these brands deliver some of the best gourmet experiences. These cloud kitchens are better suited to the needs of socially distanced customers than traditional dine-in restaurants. They’re also able to minimize some costs, such as rent, and without wait staff require fewer people on the payroll.


With a much eye catchy name, this brand is an eclectic mix of Indian delicacies teeming with authentic spices. Another one from Shruti Jain and Sanchit Gupta kitty, this one is all about delectable Indo-fusion dishes such as Deconstructed Chaat Kalakaari, Fusion Seekh, Malyasian malai chaap, Tadka spaghetti, Malay broccoli. While their North Indian delicacies such as ‘Kalakaari Butter Chicken’, ‘Mutton Rogan Josh’, ’Kadi Kalkaari’, ‘Ricotta Cheese Palak Paneer’ ‘Soya Chaap Tawa Masala’, ‘Nargisi Delight’, Veg/Chicken/Mutton Biryani and an assortment of Kulchas and breads. One can also find an ‘Italian’ section with ‘3 cheese’, ‘Delhi Masala Paneer Tikka’, ‘Cured Chicken’ pizza and a few Pastas and Ravioli. End the meal on a sweet note with their ‘Blueberry Phirni’, ‘Green Apple Jalebi’, ‘Gajar Halwa Baklawa’ and ‘Jalebi Churros’.

This new cloud kitchen brand delivering in Gurugram, ensures in maintaining the highest hygiene standards and delivering gastronomical experiences to their customers. The brand aims at limited use of single-use plastic by opting for glass and compostable bagasse fibre products. The brand is redefining dark kitchens in the market. One can order directly from the website or through Zomato, Swiggy and Dot Pe

Operation time: 11 AM - 11 PM
Cost for two: Rs 1200 + Taxes
Delivery area- In and around Gurgaon

Dim-su Story

The Dim-Su Story is popular dim sum and sushi on line delivery restaurant in the heart of West Delhi. Established in 2020 and located at the Rajouri Garden. The appeal of this dim sum innovator doesn’t seem to have dulled since its smash opening in 2020 How much fun is dim sum? Rather than settling on just one appetizer and main dish, you can get your fill by choosing from a plethora of expertly-crafted, bite-sized delicacies of all shapes and flavors. With more than 100 menu items, there’s a body part for everyone. The dim-su story has been described by the patrons as “as good as the food you’ll find in those authentic places in far-flung south Delhi.” Highlighting favorite dishes like the shrimp mountain dumpling and thai saucy chicken dumplings

Time- 12noon – 11pm
Meal for 2 – Rs 800
Delivery area – Delhi NCR

Louis Burger

After creating waves in Mumbai, Zorawar Kalra’s brings LOUIS BURGER to the capital. This one of its kind artisanal burgers, crafted in homage to the legend Louis Lassen for introducing the burger concept to the world, this one blend together fine ingredients a delivering a fabulous texture and taste. The menu boasts of a ‘Smash Lamb Cheese Burger’ with animal sauce and swiss emmental, headlining the mix is the ‘Monster Cheeseburger’ with double buff patty, English cheddar & bacon. Not to miss the classic ‘Chicken Burger’ with honey mustard and cheese. The ‘Grilled AF Chicken Burger’ has truffle mayo, grilled chicken and English cheddar. Along with this, LOUIS BURGER offers a variety of plant-based burgers too. From the limited edition there’s two premium burgers, the ‘Truffletake Burger’ with shiitake, exotic shimeji mushrooms, truffle mayo, truffle oil and more. This one comes with that touch Gold varq (leaf). While the ‘Louis Grand Royale’ is a robust double patty buff burger with exotic shimeji mushrooms, truffle, special Louis sauce, english cheddar and gold varq. 

The ‘Vegan Gratitude Burger’ is your guilt free, power packed indulgence complete with beets, beans, sweet potato, jalapenos, confit tomato and vegan mayo. 

Operation time: 11 AM - 11 PM
Cost for two: Rs 600 + Taxes
Delivery area- Delhi NCR

Indian Splendid

Looking for some real exotic Awadhi flavours, Indian Splendid is the cloud kitchen that you can absolutely vouch for. Known for cooking without using water, without artificial colour and without yoghurt in cooking, Indian Splendid is Chef Dr. Izzat Hussain’s culinary delight. 

The splendid signature dishes which are available here are Mutton Nahari, Mutton Badami Qurma, Murgh Begum Pasand, Murg Kalapasi, Mutton Qurma, Zafrani Biryani and the most popular IZZAT KI ROTI & Badami Halwa.. The signature 'Izzat ki Roti' prepared using multi grains and a seasoning of mild spices, 'Ajwain' and 'Kallonji' etc

Time- 11 am 8pm (due to Covid order a day before)
Meal for 2 – Rs 2000
Delivery area – all over NCR


This freestyle Asian flavours cloud kitchen started by non-other than Chef Harangad Singh and Chef Ravi Tokas. The menu of the restaurant consists of sweet, sour, spicy, and tangy flavours with ingredients that are freshly and locally produced. Their set off the meal sees a range of soup, salad and dim sum or stir-fries options, from the ‘Spicy Mushroom Dumplings’ to the flavourful ‘Beijing Chicken’ made with black bean sauce. For the Health Conscious, Me-Awww has curated ‘Low Calorie & Zero Gluten bowls’.

From Mains, the all-time favourite ‘Thai Red and Green Curries' and aromatic Nasi Goreng, Chilli Garlic Noodles are hot favorites. They also have an option of BUILD YOUR OWN BOWL with its umami flavours - choose your base, protein, exotic vegetables, toppings with our unique in-house sauces. End your meal on a deliciously sweet note with Nutella Dimsum with Banana Toffee and Kaffir Lime Mousse that are all made in-house. Me-Awww is prepared to give you a safe and hygienic experience while it takes you through a culinary journey of East Asian cuisine that unravels the mystery of classic to modern recipes.

Time- 12am - 12pm
Meal for 2- Rs 350
Delivery area- Gurgaon

Indian Alchemy

Founded by father-daughter duo Atul and Jhanvi Celly Saxena, this brand is all about authenticity with a contemporary approach that is all about paying tribute to long lost flavours with some modern approach to Indian dining. With signatures likes Mutton Kofta, Galawati Kebab, Mughlai Paratha, Lucknowvi Nihari along with classics like Dahi Ke Kebab, Tandoori Brie Flatbread Or The Kayashth Mutton Kofte Indian alchemy new-age classics are real show stopper. 

The USP of the brand lies in sourcing all locally-grown produce sourced directly from farmers and sustainable packaging from a local NGO. Taking full care of safety and hygiene measures, Indian alchemy deliver pan-NCR, so your feast will find you wherever you are in the city!

Time- 12am - 12pm
Meal for 2- Rs1000
Delivery area- pan-NCR Gurgaon

Asian Nomad


This experimental and conceptual Modern Asian cloud kitchen co-founded by Shruti Jain and Sanchit Gupta currently delivers in and around Gurugram. The menu boasts of everything from Classic soup to innovative Mushroom/Pesto Chicken Laksa; fresh salad options such as Sour Tom, Broccoli and Miso Duet. Coming to the ‘small plates’ one can get everything from Golden Tofu, Honey Chilli lotus root, Shanghai Manchurian, Chicken Kung Pao, Dragon Rolls, Bang Bang prawns and a lot more. The Dumplings menu has delicious Chicken Gyoza, Pork Nomad, Cheese and Chilli, Asparagus and Chives Dumpling to name a few. 

Chef is known to follow authentic recipes while still making the end-result innovative, fresh and new Along with maintaining the highest hygiene standards, Asian Nomad procure their ingredients locally with a mix of ingredients from around the world. These delicacies can be delivered to the comfort of your homes by ordering directly from the website or through Zomato, Swiggy and Dot Pe.

Operation time: 11 AM - 11 PM
Cost for two: Rs 1500 + Taxes
Delivery area- In and around Gurgaon

Pracheen- India before 1947

As unique as its name Pracheen- India before 1947, cloud kitchen gives you a taste of dishes prior to Colonial India. The USP of this concept delivery kitchen in East Of Kailash is serving Indian delicacies and authentic flavours from pre-independence India. Founder Vidit Rawat strictly bleives in taking no shortcut and hence ensures the authenticity of the recipe is maintained. Their Chaap Tajdar, Colonial Madras Paneer 65, Rajasthani Laal Maas, Awadh Nihari, and more that tops the list on the menu. They serve in these interesting martaban which can be used later at home

The brand aims to deliver an experience which breaks the barrier of time and distance, and takes someone to an era when the first time a recipe was acknowledged, loved, praised and hence, documented to be passed onto the coming generations.

Operation time: 11 AM - 11 PM
Cost for two: Rs 1500 + Taxes
Delivery area- Delhi NCR 

Fat Guy’s Kitchen

FGK has been a pioneer in the online & delivery gourmet pasta & pizza space since 6 years. The brand is inspired by its line of NYC style pizza pies and the cheesiest pastas FGK aims at the Gen X and their hip hop lifestyle that reflects in the brands attitude & packaging. They deliver some of the best burgers and cheesiest pastas that nobody can deny. From the paprika spices cottage, Grilled Chicken & Cheesy Sliders, Grilled Hot Chic Burger, Chicken Tikka and Crunchy Onion Sliders tops the list and you can also make your pasta with all the options available. 

The brand was the first to kick off the Parmesan cheese wheel fever in delhi. FGK currently delivers across Delhi/ncr from 4 locations Rajouri, Gurugram, GK1 & Noida sector 72

Operation time: 11 AM - 11 PM
Cost for two: Rs 2500 + Taxes
Delivery area- Delhi NCR