Lilly Singh Rang In Her 'Fri-Yay' With A Slice Of Pizza, And We Want It To Be A Ritual Now
Image Credit: Instagram @lillysingh | Lilly Singh Rang In Her Fri-Yay With A Slice Of Pizza.

Canadian-Indian YouTuber Lilly Singh is undeniably one of the most successful content creators of our time. She started her channel, “Superwoman” in the year 2010, and with her hilarious, relatable content won fans worldwide. She ranked 8th on Forbes' list of World's Top-Earning YouTube Stars of 2015. She also wrote a book, “How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life”, launched her own production company and hosted her own late-night talk show, “A Little Late With Lilly Singh”. A rage on social media, Lilly Singh keeps her fans enthralled with her fun videos, but sometimes, she also gives is a sneak peak of her day-to-day activities. Did you know Lilly Singh, is quite a big food buff, the proof of which she gave yet again on Friday night? On her Instagram stories, Lilly can be seen chomping on a big slice of cheese and pepperoni pizza. “Fri-yay”, she captioned the story, and looks rather satisfied and content with her weekend plan. Pizza and weekend night in? Sounds like quite a plan to us. We do not mind it being a ritual of sorts.  

If you are also spending this weekend at home, here are some yummy desi pizzas you could try your hands at.

Chicken Tikka Pizza On Naan: Ditch your pizza dough, for apna butter Naan. That’s right, this leavened bread that you pair with Indian curries can serve as an excellent base as well. Just make some chicken tikka masala with boneless chicken thighs and Indian spices and place it on top of the naan. Yes, do not shy away from adding some of the gravy as well.  

Paratha Pizza: Made a pizza with naan? Excellent, now try making one with paratha too. Paratha is an Indian flatbread that is typically made with wheat flour on a griddle with a trace amount of oil. Spread some sauce, add a dash of cheese, peppers, veggies and toppings of your choice on top of a soft paratha and bake till the cheese melts. Easy, peasy.  

Pizza Uthappam: Uthappam is a popular South Indian breakfast that actually looks a lot like pizza too. Except, it is made on a pan, with rice-flour batter. When the rice flour batter is nice and round, you can add your chopped onions, tomatoes and cheese, for a yummy fusion treat.  

Suji Pizza: Suji or semolina is said to be a healthier alternative to maida and rice flour. Prepare a thin pancake using semolina batter and slather some sauce, cheese, mixed herbs and cook until done. This delicious dish is so easy, that you can carry it for any picnic, potluck or small gathering. 


Paneer Pizza: There’s something truly ‘desi’ about paneer, isn’t it? Chop them up, toss them in spices and add them to your pizza to make your pizza truly desi and delish.

Try these desi and off-beat pizza recipes soon and let us know how you liked them.