Level up Your Fried Chicken: Tips for Juicy and Crispy Results
Image Credit: Unsplash

The two essential components of a truly great fried chicken are juicy, flavourful meat and an incredibly crisp and crunchy crust. However, not all fried chicken is created equal, and we have some unorthodox tips and techniques for whipping up mouthwatering fried chicken that will have everyone vying for your culinary secrets. These small changes will make a big difference in your fried chicken game, whether you're preparing it for a picnic or dinner at home. Follow these simple yet amazing tips to elevate your fried chicken to the next level.

Soak In Buttermilk

For juicy, flavourful fried chicken, marinate the chicken a day ahead of time. The acids and enzymes in the buttermilk break down the chicken's proteins, giving it an extra-tender texture.

Season Your Chicken Generously

Despite the chicken's prior buttermilk brining, you shouldn't skimp on additional seasonings and salt. The secret to eradicating blandness in fried chicken is to add salt at each stage of the cooking process. Spices can also be added to the chicken coating to enhance the flavour. Add salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and chilli powder to season the flour dredging.

Select The Right Oil

When choosing the best oil for frying, consider the smoke point, which is the temperature at which the oil begins to degrade and smoke, imparting an off flavour to the foods cooked in it. Lard is the preferred cooking oil for flavouring the chicken, but peanut oil or canola oil, which have a more neutral flavour, could also be used.

Avoid Overcrowding In The Pan

Overcrowding the pan is one of the most common frying errors. The temperature will drop if you add too many pieces at once, resulting in sloppy breading. If you want crispy and crunchy chicken, you must cook it in large batches, which may be difficult.

Double-Fry It

The crust becomes dry and crunchy when fried, but you can't fry it for any longer than the meat underneath needs to cook. If you cook the chicken for an excessively long time, the meat will be overdone and have an extra-crispy crust. By frying the chicken once, letting it cool completely, and then frying it again, you may achieve an extra-crunchy coating with meat that is still somewhat juicy.