Lesser-known Punjabi Delicacies That You Must Tuck Into

Discussions on Punjabi cuisine are incomplete without elaborately talking about makki ki roti, sarson ka saag and butter chicken. And rightly so. The ‘land of five rivers’ is blessed with topographical features that make it an ideal land for nature to shower its bounties. 

From wheat to millet and maize, the state has abundant natural products that blend to make Punjabi cuisine one of the most diverse, rich and robust. From an assortment of savoury delicacies to mouth-watering desserts, Punjabi cuisine has kept foodies hooked to it for ages. Pinni, lassi and chhole bhature are among the other Punjabi dishes that are on every foodie’s list of favourites. But a closer look into the state’s culinary treasures will show that there are many other authentic Punjabi delicacies that have never enjoyed the limelight. We bring you some of those Punjabi recipes that may not be very popular but are worth trying.

1. Chhit

Also known as adrak lehsun ki sabzi, chhit is a creamy curry made with crushed almonds, curd/milk, ginger garlic paste and subtle spices. Also an immunity-booster, the dish is served with rotis.

2. Kharode Da Soup

As we are bidding adieu to winter days, this is the best time to relish a warm and comforting paya soup. The soup is made with paya bones, spices, onions, tomatoes and ginger-garlic paste. The ingredients are cooked on mild heat overnight and the soup is served hot.

3. Gajjaraan Da Murabba

You must have relished some amla murabba this season. But have you ever thought of making murabba with the other winter goodies? In Punjab, gajjaraan da murabba is a popular winter delicacy that is worth trying. The sweet and tangy delicacy is perfect to jazz up your meals.

4. Shikar Da Achaar

Needless to say, an authentic wholesome Indian meal is incomplete without pickles on the side. This spicy and robust Punjabi pickle is made using quail meat, mustard and some authentic spices.

Bookmark these dishes for your next trip to Punjab. But till then, try the delicious Punjabi recipes that we have in store for you.