Japan's view of looking at the world and its culture are worth knowing. Japanese etiquettes are one of the best things you can discover when you get the chance to visit the country. The people of Japan are extremely polite and appreciative. They are respectful too. You would never see a Japanese man or woman not bowing while meeting a person. They are very particular about their customs and basic traditional rule of etiquette. Here, we are listing a few foods and dining-related unique rules that are prevalent in Japan.

Basics of Using Chopsticks

While eating food, you should not point your chopsticks at another person or wave them in the air. Also, if you want to take a pause, you are not supposed to keep the chopsticks on the bowl. You can always keep them either on a separate plate or on the side of the bowl. 

Beverage Consuming Rules

In Japan, tea ceremonies are a common event where you are expected to have a drink by holding the cup with both your hands. Doing this will make your hands warm and you will look sophisticated too. This is the belief of the Japanese. 

No Safety Net While Having Noodles

We usually take the help of our hands while having noodles with a spoon to prevent them from falling. In Japan, this action is considered rude and bad manner. while slurping is seen as a sign of appreciation. 

Table Rules

After finishing your food, you are expected to neatly keep everything in its initial positions. Also, leaving a messy plate with leftover bits of food is considered to be rude. 

Eating on The Street

Though eating or drinking on street is common in India and other parts of the world, Japanese people do not appreciate this habit. You won't find street food scenes in Japan. Even having food on the train is usually frowned upon.