Lesser Known Food From The Streets Of India
Image Credit: There are many street foods that are yet to gain much popularity

Indian street foods are celebrated worldwide for their flavour, aroma, diversity, and most importantly, their easy accessibility in every nook and corner of an Indian city. There is no doubt in the fact that good food culture is drilled into the core of our traditionally rich country. And in every city, you just name it, we can find drool-worthy food to satisfy our taste buds and our soul. From aloo tikki of Delhi to dhokla of Gujarat, these street foods are well known but there are many street foods that are yet to gain much popularity. Here are the lesser-known street foods from the streets of India that we should know. 

Goli Bhaje 

Goli Bhaje also known as Mangalore Baiji, is one of the most loved street foods in Mangalore of Karnataka. These are deep-fried balls with crispy outer and spongier textures in India. Made with all-purpose flour or Maida, these crispy balls have curd and several spices. 

Seekh Tujj 

Now many of us, including me, have thought that barbequed mutton is a fancy delicacy that is only available in fancy and expensive restaurants. But I was wrong, as this dish is actually a street food commonly found in the streets of Kashmir and Ladakh. Meat lovers, you can have this not-so-fancy dish in Kashmir and Ladakh without burning a hole in your pocket but at a very nominal price. 

Kalari Kulcha 

You may have heard of kulcha but have you heard of kalari Kucha? This type of fried kulcha is a specialty and must-have in the Jammu region. This amazingly unique street food is made with locally pronounced cheese called ‘kalari. Every bite of this dish leads to an explosion of cheese in your mouth. You must try this once in your life. 


To all the kachori lovers, make sure you call yourself that after trying Dhuska, the famous street food of Jharkhand but only if you can handle a lot more spiciness. These deep-fried balls have a paste of matar and chilies and are served with fiery hot tomato chutney. Taste this once, you will not eat that regular kachori anymore. 

Keemar Doi Bora 

Among all the gems that we have got from West Bengal, Keemar Doi Bora is something can we definitely cannot miss out on. These are the meaty-version of our dahi vada. Meatballs fried in oil and soaked in spiced curd, this dish is very popular street food in West Bengal. Now some legends say that this dish was one of the specialties of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s family. Do not miss trying the meatball fusion of dahi vada. 


This is one of the least known street foods in India. Mohinga is actually a Burmese soup that is quite popular among Chennaians. Made up of rice noodles and fish, this soup is topped with ginger, garlic, and fried onions and is a common food in the streets of Chennai. 


Quite similar to Goli Bhaje, this dish is also quite famous in Andhra Pradesh. Made up of rice, urad dal, and other spices, these rice balls are served with peanut chutney, coconut chutney, and toordal chutney. Moreover, this dish is quite popular in Hyderabad.

We have tried compiling these lesser-known street foods from India for you. Let us know which street food is famous in your locality.