Learn This Hack To Make A Perfect Milkshake At home

One of the small pleasures in life are milkshakes. They are creamy, rich, and offered in practically every flavour imaginable. It's like having incredibly delicious soft serve or ice cream. However, it can be difficult than it might seem to make the ideal milkshake. It does take a keen eye to get the proportions just right, even if making milkshakes isn't exactly rocket science. Every now and then, a spoon will be provided with a milkshake. The problem is clearly stated in this, as you can see. Making the milk to ice cream ratio incorrectly is the largest mistake individuals make while making milkshakes. In the end, this indicates that either your shake is too thin or too thick, which is why the spoon is needed. Nobody wants to drink soupy milk with floating strawberry or biscuit crumbs. There is a simple formula you can use to prepare milkshakes that will remove all of the mystery from the amount of milk you should add in place of estimating how much milk to add each time. 

The Key 

Your frozen treat will go from good to outstanding if you use the appropriate amount of milk to ice cream, and it really doesn't take much more effort on your part. To avoid a milkshake that is overly thick or thin, just add a few ounces of milk. The outcome is a very creamy and smooth milkshake that you may enjoy till it is gone. However, keep in mind that a thick milkshake that starts out difficult to drink but gradually softens demands a bit less milk. 

Use the basic ratio of three big scoops of ice cream to two ounces, or a quarter cup, of whole milk to get the ratio just right. The ice cream should be left out for a bit to soften at room temperature. This will facilitate blending into a smooth, creamy mixture. Remember that you must never put ice in the milkshake. That will just dilute the milkshake's entire rich, velvety richness. Add any desired toppings to your milkshakes. Milkshakes are typically served with whipped cream and a cherry on top. But in all honesty, you may put chocolate, sprinkles, or whatever else on top of them. You have a choice! 

Recipe: Scoop the ice cream into the blender. Milk should be added. Add the chocolate syrup to create a flavor-infused milkshake (or whichever flavouring you desire). Mix until combined. If the consistency is too thick, gradually add more milk until you reach the desired shake thickness. In case it's too thin, add additional ice cream. Add toppings and whipped cream before serving.