Leafy Greens That Will Light Up your Plate This Winter
Image Credit: Fresh spinach - Ayandrali Dutta

Come winter and the market is flooded with all variety of greens. This seasons offers the most option to eat fresh, crunchy and nutrient-rich. Apart form all the vegetables the leafy greens also take the forefront. Palak, bathua, methi saag and more just fill up the vegetable basket. Loaded with the goodness of protein, vitamins, minerals and several nutrients all of these greens are much easy-to-cook. Paired with some hot chapatis or hot steaming rice it makes for a great meal.

Palak ka saag (Spinach)

Who doesn’t love spinach, be it those baby spinach in your salads or them chopped into a vegetables or added in a dough to make paratha, Spinach happen to be all time favorite leafy green. Apart from its Anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties, spinach boost your health in several ways. This favourite of "Popeye - the Sailor Man", Spinach is one nutritious, leafy green.

Sarsho ka saag (Mustard)

This rich immunity boosting saag has all reasons to be on your plate in winter, and if you stay in the Northern part of the country, by no means you can avoid tasting it. This green delicacy is popularly prepared as ‘sarson ka saag’ in Punjabi cuisine. Mustard greens are slightly bitter but when cooked with all spices the bitterness tends to mellow down. This powerhouse green loaded with dietary fibre has a tendency to keep the body warm. Mustard leaves also helps to improve your metabolism. The most iconic way to have ‘sarson ka saag’ is to pair it with makki ki roti, a dollop of white butter and jaggery. 

Mooli Saag (Raddish)

Do you throw away those fresh leaf’s of radish when you get them from the market. Next time just think once as you will be discarding a lot of minerals and nutrients too. The leaves are as good as the roots. They add to the dietary fibre content in the meal. Finely chopped and tempered with butter and few chunks of potato, served with a hot with roti and salad of onion, this saag is the high on flavour. The winter radish green is little sweet in taste. Barely any spices keeping all the qualities intact this green is a strict no when it comes to be discarded. 

Methi Saag (Fenugreek)

Fenugreek leaves or Methi leaves as they are called in Hindi is a herd plant that sees many natural benefits form the body. Found in abundance in winter, this leafy green is great when it comes to controlling body sugar to digestion and weight loss. A great source of iron it’s often referred to have during pregnancy. This one even finds it’s reference in Ayurveda mentioning that the leaves produce heat that helps in stabilizing the body temperature du ring winters. From Methi Paratha to Methi poori to Methi aloo have it whichever way Methi leaves will surely your body in track.

Soya saag (Dill)

The famous Dill leaves or Suva bhaji being rich in calcium, magnesium, iron etc, Dill leaves are low in calories and high in nutrients. Though it might not add much flavour to your food but it’s extremely beneficial when it comes to sleep-inducing hormones that helps you sleep better. Belonging to the celery family Soya saad is brough to the table in the form of Soya Aloo, Soya moong daal, or just as plain saag.