8 Curd-Based Delights To Stay Cool And Refreshed During Summers

Curd, commonly known as yoghurt, is a dairy product produced by fermenting milk with beneficial microbes. Curd is especially important during the summer because of its cooling effects and probiotics, which improve digestion. It promotes digestive health, enhances immunity, and relieves heat-related symptoms. Curd is adaptable and can be eaten on its own, blended into smoothies, lassis, and raitas, or used as a foundation for refreshing dips, making it a must-have on hot summer days.

The following is a list of yoghurt refreshments to try this summer

1. Lassi: 

Lassi is the most popular drink in the summertime, as it is right for the hot summer season. It is made by adding yoghurt, water, sugar, and/or sometimes fruits or spices such as cardamom. Lassi is available in many flavours, such as mango, strawberry, and rose lassi, in which rose syrup is used as a flavouring. This drink helps not only to beat the heat but it also contains necessary minerals like calcium, etc., and probiotics. Lassi takes centre stage in the quest for relief from summer heat across India for its velvety and refreshing taste.

Video Credit: YouTube/ Cook and Fry Hindi

2. Chaas: 

Chaas, also referred to as buttermilk, is a preferred drink made by churned buttermilk or curd especially during the warmer seasons. Curd is mixed with water, by adding spices like roasted cumin powder, salt and mint leaves. The popularity of chaas is mainly due to its ability to cool down the body, especially during the hot season. It is also essential in digestion, prevents dehydration and contains all the necessary nutrients, which makes it a nutritious and delicious drink that will help you remain hydrated and refreshed during hot days.

3. Shrikhand: 

Shrikhand is a delicious summertime treat made with curd. To make it, thick yoghurt is strained to eliminate extra water, then sugar is added for sweetness and almonds, cardamom, and saffron are added for flavour. This aromatic, creamy treat offers vital nutrients, including probiotics and protein, while also aiding in body cooling. Shrikhand is a popular choice to beat the heat on hot summer days because it is typically eaten cold as a dessert.

4. Mishti Doi: 

Mishti Doi is a Bengali word that means sweet curd. It is prepared by caramelising the sugar and then adding milk and thickening it, which is later cooled off and kept in a warm place until it sets almost to a pudding consistency and usually in an earthen bowl or pot. Mishti doi is served chilled as a refreshing dessert and assists digestion while also cooling down the body during hot weather.

5. Ghol: 

A classic curd-based drink ideal for summer is ghol. Ghol is made by smoothing out cool curd with water. It Black salt, roasted cumin powder, mint leaves, and a small amount of sugar for taste is incorporated later. Mix everything thoroughly and taste-test the spices. Ghol should be served cold in glasses with chaat masala or fresh mint leaves as a garnish. This cool beverage is a popular choice on hot summer days because it helps with digestion and body cooling.

6. Raita: 

Raita is a delightful curd-based refreshment perfect for summer. It's made by mixing fresh yoghurt with grated or diced vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, and onions. Seasonings such as roasted cumin powder, salt, and chopped mint leaves are added for flavour. Raita is served chilled and complements spicy dishes, biryanis, and kebabs. Its cooling effect, combined with the crunchy texture of vegetables and aromatic spices, makes raita a refreshing and satisfying accompaniment during hot summer days.

7. Dahi Vada: 

Dahi Vada, is one of the most popular curd-based snacks.  It is a fusion of lentil-based dumplings, yoghurt (curd), spices like green chutney (mint and coriander), tamarind chutney and condiments like red chilli powder and cumin powder. This yummy dish is about the contrast of cold yoghurt with spices. This dish provides a cooling effect on the body, helps and digestion and keeps the body dehydrated during the hot summer days.

8. Dahi Kebab: 

A delicious curd-based snack ideal for summer is dahi kebab. These kebabs, where hung yoghurt is stuffed into mashed potatoes and spices mixture, which are then formed into patties, are shallow-fried till golden and crispy. In another method, these kebabs are made by blending thick yoghurt (dahi) with mashed potatoes, spices like cumin, coriander, and chilli powder, along with chopped onions and fresh herbs. The outcome is a delicious, creamy snack that tastes great and provides a refreshing, savoury burst. It's the perfect way to beat the summer heat while indulging in a delightful treat.