Laddoo To Kachori: 7 Nutritious Sattu Recipes To For Breakfast

A traditional Indian flour produced from roasted chickpeas is called sattu. Because of its nutritional content and adaptability, it is highly valued in Indian cuisine. Sattu is a nutritious complement to meals because it is high in protein, fibre, and important minerals. 

In Indian cooking, sattu is used to make a variety of breakfast dishes, such as sattu paratha, sattu ka chilla, sattu drink (sharbat), and even as a filler for snacks like litti chokha. Sattu is a common element in Indian homes because of its accessibility and health advantages, particularly in the heat. So, here is a list of dishes made with sattu to serve at breakfast:

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1. Sattu Paratha: 

Sattu Paratha is one of the most common breakfast dishes in Indian households and is made up of roasted chickpea flour (sattu). This is prepared by mixing sattu with salt, pepper, chilli powder and chopped onions. Prepare the dough using wheat flour, stuff the sattu mixture in it and roll the parathas. Cook on a griddle using ghee until evenly golden. Garnish with a flavoured yoghurt, pickle or mint chutney and have this dish for lunch or dinner.

2. Sattu Kachori: 

The delicious morning dish known as "sattu kachori" comes from the Indian state of Bihar. To make it, combine chilli powder, coriander, and cumin with sattu flour. Stuff the sattu mixture into a dough ball, roll it and deep-fry till golden brown. For a tasty and substantial breakfast dish, pair these crispy kachoris with a spicy green chutney or a tart tamarind chutney. The crunchy crust and savoury filling of Sattu Kachori make it a popular choice for breakfast.

3. Sattu Sharbat: 

Sattu Sharbat gives a soothing, calorie-free and exciting morning start. For its preparation, blend sattu flour and water together, along with jaggery, lemon juice, salt and roasted cumin seed powder. Whisk or blend well, constantly, until all the ingredients are uniformly combined. Serve chilled, top with ice cubes for that refreshing touch and garnish with a mint leaf or a slice of lemon for that extra zing. It not only tastes good but also provides energy and fluid replacement, for this reason, it is the best drink to enjoy on summer mornings.

4. Litti: 

Litti is a traditional and popular breakfast dish in the regions of Bihar and Jharkhand, India. It consists of roasted wheat balls stuffed with spiced sattu (roasted gram flour) filling. The littis are then baked or roasted until they turn golden brown and crispy. They are typically served with chokha, a spicy mashed vegetable dish made from potatoes, brinjal, tomatoes, and onions. This combination offers a delightful mix of flavours and textures, making it a satisfying and wholesome breakfast option.

5. Sattu Cheela: 

Sattu Cheela is an Indian-favourite breakfast option. To start the process, mix Sattu flour with water, chopped onions, fresh chillis, coriander and spices to form a batter. Heat up a pan, directly spread the batter, and then proceed to cook until both sides of the pancake look golden. Give hot for consumption with mint chutney or yoghurt to get the ultimate mouthwatering and health-promoting breakfast. Explaining that Sattu Cheela is made easy but along with many nutritional values like protein and fibre, it could be perfect for breakfast.

6. Sattu Tikki: 

A delicious breakfast choice is Sattu Tikki, which is made from roasted gramme flour (sattu). To make sattu, combine it with finely chopped onions, coriander leaves, green chilies, and seasonings like salt and cumin powder. Form the batter into little patties and deep fry until golden brown. For a taste explosion, pair it with tamarind or mint chutney when served warm. Not only are these tasty and crispy tikkis simple to prepare, but they are also high in protein and make a nutritious breakfast.

7. Sattu Ke Ladoo: 

Sattu Ke Ladoo is an indigenous Indian food that happens to be both tasty as well as very healthy. To make these ladoos, combine melted butter or clarified butter with sattu powder, either jaggery or sugar and cardamom powder. Cook the mixture over a low flame till the texture becomes like dough. Then simply give it the shape of a ball. They contain protein, fibre and mineral nutrients that are what you need to make a balanced diet in the morning.