‘Laddoo Shake’ Joins The Bizarre Food Trend; Netizens Are Displeased

The love affair between us Indians and desserts is no more a secret. No special occasion can go without relishing some wholesome desserts. From the all-time favourite kheer to gulab jamun and laddoos, Indian sweet eats have kept us hooked to them for ages. One of these mouth-watering sweet treats is laddoo. Be it a wedding or a puja at home, laddoos are a must in most Indian households. The round-shaped melt-in-the-mouth sweet is enough to make anyone drool in no time.

However, with the increasingly growing number of bizarre trends taking over the internet, most of us no longer trust the street vendors and food bloggers with our favourite food items. If you have already guessed what we have for you today, we are not surprised. This time, our favourites besan and boondi laddoos have joined the bizarre food trend bandwagon and the netizens are absolutely hating it. A street vendor is selling laddoo shake and the video showing the making is doing rounds on the internet. Take a look:

In this video by the food blogger with the username @foodie_blest, we can see a street vendor making laddoo shake. The food blogger has uploaded the video with the caption - “Kaisa lgaa experiment??”. In the video, the vendor first adds two crushed besan laddoos followed by motichoor laddoos into a blender. He, then, blends them into a shake by adding ice cream, powdered sugar and milk. The thick shake was served with a garnish of crushed besan laddoos. The post has some comments from disgusted netizens. Here’s what they have to say:

“Bhai kya kar rha hai..band karo ye sab”

“Bhagwan maaf nhi krega😢”

“hudd ho gayi ab kuch bhi matt banao yaar”

“ye atyachaar hai dekhne walon par😱😱”

Another also has a reference to one of India’s favourite cartoon shows Chhota Bheem: “Chhota bheem yaad aa gya laddo shake dekh kr😂😂😂”

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