Lacking Time? Use These Breakfast Suggestions, Stay Fit
Image Credit: Egg muffins

As its name implies, breakfast physically breaks the overnight fast, making it the most significant meal of the day.  Sadly, a muffin from the grocery store won't do as you rush to work. In order to avoid fainting a few hours later, the body requires something that can steadily replace glucose levels. Breakfast should be well-balanced because it sets the tone for the day. It encourages insulin stability, hormonal harmony, consistent energy levels, fewer hunger pangs, and an improved mood all day long! Here are some quick ideas to help you prepare a balanced breakfast quickly while still making it tasty, healthy, and convenient.  

Select your ingredients 

Picking breakfasts with some of the same key ingredients is ideal when selecting breakfasts for a particular week since you may cook those dishes in bulk and distribute them among meals. 

Prep your breakfast 

Focus on preparing a few staple foods so that you can start using them the following week. The week can be greatly simplified if you prepare a few batches of sprouts, sautéed vegetables, or soaked oats. 

Freeze your prep 

If you are concerned that your preparation might spoil, don't be hesitant to freeze it. You'd be amazed at how many things can be frozen without much of a textural change once defrosted properly. Poha freezes well; just make sure to include plenty of green peas to give it the protein punch it needs to be a complete meal. 

Keep ready-to-eat snacks  

The following foods are preferable to a bag of chips: granola, almonds, seeds, roasted chickpeas, nut butters, and hummus with carrot and cucumber. To avoid the temptation to buy food from the outside when you suddenly get hungry, always carry a little box of snacks with you. 

Some easy recipes to make beforehand 

Oats soaked overnight: Soak oats in any plant-based or dairy milk. Add any seasoning, such as maple syrup, nut butter, cinnamon powder, or vanilla. When you're ready for breakfast, grab some fruit to go with it. 

Egg muffins: Beat a bunch of eggs, then stir in a fair amount of sautéed vegetables. It also has a lot of flavour from the herbs and seasoning. Simply divide this into muffin-sized portions and bake for 20 minutes at 180C. They may be stored in the freezer for up to two months and are loaded with protein and fibre. 

Masala oats: These can be prepared in advance. Sauté curry leaves, tomato, onion, and cumin seeds. masalas such as red chilli powder, salt, turmeric, and coriander powder can be added. Stir in the oats with twice as much water once this mixture has finished cooking. Cook the oats for the required amount of time, reducing the water by half. When you're ready to eat, add ghee as a garnish. For your side of protein, it is best to serve it with paneer. 

Oats shake: Breakfast on the run can be made by blending oats that have been soaked over night with a scoop of protein powder.