Home Chef Shares Lachedar Rabdi To Try This Karwa Chauth
Image Credit: Lachedar Rabdi

The fervour of Karwa Chauth is right around the corner. On this day, many married Indian women fast without food or water from dawn to moonrise to honour their love and devotion for their husband’s long, healthy life. But the moment after the fast is opened, perhaps the most memorable when the ladies feast on their hearts' desire with their husbands#. While one can make multiple indulgent dishes as one wants for dinner, a heavy meal on a special occasion like this would undoubtedly require a sweet finale. So here is a Lachedar Rabdi by Homechef Sapna Varshney in collaboration with Godrej Jersey that you can prepare on Karwa Chauth this year to enjoy post-dinner. 


  • Full cream cow/buffalo milk - 1L 
  • Milk powder - 1 cup 
  • Sugar - ¼ cup 
  • Cardamom powder - ½ tsp 
  • Saffron milk - 2 tbsp 
  • Almonds - 5 
  • Chopped cashews 10 


  1. At first, heat the milk in a large non-stick pan. 
  2. Stir occasionally and get to a boil. Maintain a medium flame.
  3. Stick the layer of cream formed by the milk to the sides of the vessel. 
  4. Now, heat the milk to boil again.
  5. Repeat the method and hold the cream to the edges of the Kadai. Repeat the procedure until the milk decreases to one-third of its volume. 
  6. Now add cardamom, powder, milk powder, sugar, and saffron milk. 
  7. You can add the dry fruits after all the above have mixed. 
  8. Give it a good mix and get the milk again to boil. 
  9. Do not forget to scrape off the collected cream from the sides. Keep stirring 
  10. Transfer it to a bowl and let it cool down at room temperature. 
  11. Garnish with the remaining chopped dry fruits or use them to prepare Ras Malai. Finally, now serve this amazing Rabdi / Rabri chilled or hot.