Kunal Khemu Explains The Best Way To Eat A Vada Pav Like A Pro

Vada pav, a beloved street food in India, is widely adored by millions throughout the nation, with a particular fondness for it in Mumbai. This delectable dish features a crispy, deep-fried aloo bonda or vada, placed between two buttered pav buns and seasoned with a unique blend of masala. The dish is then elevated with the addition of a zesty green chutney and a touch of fiery green chilli. Simply divine! We weren't at all surprised to learn that Bollywood star Kunal Khemu has his own unique way of enjoying this tasty street food. In a recent video posted of himself eating vada pav in pure Mumbaiya style,, the actor wants his fans to know the right way to have a vada pao.  

In the video, Kunal can be seen relishing the vada pav, while he guides the best way to have it. He says, “Sun.. Pehla ma ese lehsun ka sookha chuney le daal,,,pao me daal..abi hara chuney le daba..dab..abi meetha imli ka chutney..dusri taraf sata sat... ab vada andar dala.. Pachkaya...Mast lapeta...” the funny moment is when the actor takes the first bite and feels it super-hot. Kunal captioned it “ When I eat street I talk street #dontknowwhy 🤷‍♂️ Also, I need to stop burning my mouth every time I eat vada pav, samosa, pizza, soup, coffee… basically hot food 🙈” 

While the actor shows you the best way to eat the vada pav, we want to share the recipe for lehsun sukha chutney.  

The ingredients are as follows: garlic, peanuts, red pepper flakes, desiccated coconut, sesame seeds, and salt. To make the powder, dry-roast all of the ingredients individually and then combine them in a blender. When mashed, oil is released from the sesame seeds and peanuts. This could give the chutney an oily consistency. Otherwise, you can churn in a tablespoon of oil if you like. To give your chutney that flaming red hue, try mixing in some Kashmiri red chilli powder.