Kota Kachoris: Top 3 Places In Kota To Try

Kachori is a spicy deep fried Indian snack, with a fluffy round shape which comes in wholesome varieties and types including pyaz kachori, aloo kachori, matar kachori, raj kachori and more. The list is endless but what is something we never forget is that each type is always bursting out with myriad flavours, altogether holding a distinctive and mouth-watering taste. These scrumptious balls are made with a covering of wheat or fine flour that is combined with different flavorful fillings of moong or urad dal, besan, onions and namkeen, and infused with aromatic spices and masalas. Kachori is one of the most popular yet beloved street foods of India that is immensely devoured by the people belonging from diverse states. Among all the states, if you wish to treat your taste buds to the best kachoris ever, Rajasthan is the ultimate place to visit. The city of Kota is is well-known for kachoris as it offers you a delectable selection of pyaaz and dal kachori which are bathed in goodness of spicy flavours 

Here are 3 best and budget-friendly places in Kota to get a taste of authentic kachoris

1. Ratan Sev Bhandar

This fast-food restaurant is located in the Nayapura main circle. It is famous for dal kachoris that are freshly prepared and served with a side of green chutney. Make a visit anytime of the day, you will notice that it’s always crowded with people as it’s known for its taste, quality and fresh kachoris.

2. Jodhpur Namkeens

Jodhpur Namkeens is a place that serves all kinds of kachoris from aloo kachori, dal to pyaaz kachori. It is most famous for its pyaz kachoris which will always tantalizes one’s taste buds with its spicy taste and fulfilling nature. You can find this shop in Gumanpura.

3. Jai Ambe Namkeen & Kachori Wala

This restaurant in Mahaveer Nagar is not only famous for kachoris but also lip-smacking namkeens. Try out any kachori, one thing sure of this place is that it leaves you with an unforgettable taste that makes you want to revisit the city just for their kachoris.