Kokum To Bel, 6 Popular Homemade Sharbats To Have During Summer

The iconic summer beverage Sharbat has become more than just a drink; it is a symbol of relief from the scorching temperatures. The origin of this ancient beverage may be traced back to Iran (Persia), and it has been passed down through the years, linking itself with stories of the royal family and tradition. Throughout history, sharbat has been used to decorate the tables of kings and queens, serving as a sign of extravagance and luxury. The evolution of it is a reflection of the growth of civilisation, since it has adapted to the flavours and ingredients that are native to different locations. In this day and age, homemade sharbats provide a welcome relief from the heatwave, as well as giving us the opportunity to savour the seasonal produce and authenticity of recipes that have been passed down for generations. 

Kokum Ka Sharbat 

Popular in the coastal regions of India, Kokum Ka Sharbat is a tangy-sweet drink crafted from the extract of Garcinia indica fruit. Its deep purple hue and hints of spice evoke memories of lazy summer afternoons by the sea. Kokum is known for its cooling properties, not only it quenches thirst but also aids digestion, making it popular during hot weather.   

Gulab Ka Sharbat 

The delicate and fragrant, Gulab Ka Sharbat holds the essence of rose petals with floral notes and subtle sweetness. Originating from Persia, this timeless drink has graced the tables of royalty for centuries, symbolising elegance and refinement. With its enticing aroma and cooling properties, Gulab Sharbat offers an aromatic getaway from the summer heat. Sipped leisurely, it takes you to the world of tranquility.   

Variyali Sharbat 

Variyali Sharbat is a revitalising drink that is prepared from fennel seeds. It is well-known for the digestive characteristics that it delivers. This sharbat, which has a flavour that is very sweet and similar of licorice, offers rapid respite from the intense heat. Variyali Sharbat is a well-liked option during the summer months because of its calming impact on digestion and its capacity to chill the body. It provides a refreshing break from the stresses of everyday life, making it a popular choice. 

Bel Ka Sharbat 

Bel Ka Sharbat, which is made from the juice of the wood apple, has all the beauty of rural India. This sharbat is known for its unique mix of sourness and natural sugars. It is a refreshing drink that wakes you up. Bel is loved for its healing qualities and can help with health problems caused by heat, which makes it a popular choice during the hot summer months.   

Aam Ka Sharbat 

Indians love Aam Sharbat, a cool drink made from ripe mangoes that they can't survive the summer without. This mango sharbat is a celebration of summer's wealth. It is full of the seasonal goodness of the king of fruits. Aam Sharbat's fruity sweetness and stimulating scent make it easy to enjoy straight up or mixed with ice. This drink has been a favourite for generations because it makes people recall summer days and pure childhood. It can be found everywhere, from street stands to big feasts. 

Chandan Ka Sharbat 

Chandan Ka Sharbat is a cool drink that comes from edible sandalwood and calms the mind and senses. This sharbat has been respected for hundreds of years for its healing qualities and pleasant smell. When you drink Chandan Sharbat, its earthy notes and gentle sweetness take you away from the sweltering temperatures of summer and to a place of peace and peace.