Know All About Flavoured Sugar; Coffee, Pumpkin Spice & More
Image Credit: Unsplash

If you love using cinnamon sugar or candy floss sugar in your bakes, you may have a penchant for the flavoured sugar trend. But instead of opting for overpriced gourmet brands, you can make your own flavoured sugar at home within a few minutes and that too with just a few ingredients. 

Flavoured sugar is essentially sugar mixed with a flavouring agent; cinnamon sugar is made by blending ground cinnamon with sugar while some other variants like pumpkin spice sugar or lavender sugar may need a few more ingredients to balance out the taste. The ratio of each ingredient is the key element when it comes to making a flavoured sugar from scratch especially since most flavouring agents have an inherent sweetness of their own. So, if you're looking to explore this trend, here are some things you should know. 

For Fruit Flavours, Use Freeze-Dried Fruit 

Instead of spiced powders or concentrated mixes, grind up some freeze-dried fruit to make fruit-flavoured sugar like mango sugar or strawberry sugar. Freeze-dried fruit are easy to break down but instead of using a food processor use a coffee grinder which can actually grind the food to a powder. 

The Burying Method Only Works With Potent Flavours 

One of the techniques to make flavoured sugar is by burying whole ingredients in a container of sugar. Over a few weeks, the oils from the ingredient get infused with the sugar and after a period of time this sugar can be separated and used. This method is complex on many counts, but most importantly it only works with flavours that are potent enough like coffee or dark chocolate. Nit to mention the infusion takes some time and if not done right, it could be too subtle. 

Use Fruity Sugars On Drinks, Plant-Based Ones On Bakes 

Herbaceous-flavoured sugars like basil lime sugar or mint sugar work best if used on the rim of your cocktail glasses. Fruity sugars too can elevate a sharp drink since they cut through the bitterness. Plant-based sugars like vanilla bean, lavender, cinnamon or coffee work best on baked goods like break, donuts, muffins etc. 

For Coffee, Pumpkin Spice Or Mocha Sugar Use Powders 

When dealing with strong flavours, try to maximise their potential. Using the simpler technique usually works well, if you're doing this for the first time. For coffee sugar opt for the addition method over the infusion method and blend sugar with espresso powder; for mocha sugar mix it with a mocha pre-mix or powder that has some oaky notes