6 Kitchen Tools That Everyone Must Own
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If you’re a home owner, chances are you have that one drawer in your kitchen that’s filled with the most random objects that you promised yourself to use time and again. Of course, you may have your own reasons to keep these things and not want to get rid of them anytime soon, but there are few tools that are sure to come in handy and help you cut down on the time you spend fixing meals on a daily basis.

Garlic Press

One of the most ideal gadgets to own, a garlic press really is a time-saving tool for a tedious task. With a garlic press, you could skip even peeling the garlic and directly add the pods to the press and squeeze it firmly to get minced garlic. Most garlic press also have a provision to push out the paper-thin skin and separate it from the pulp.


Silicone Spatula

Whether it is scraping clean the contents of your blender jar or making scrambled eggs for breakfast in the morning, a silicone spatula brings together runny contents like no other. Due to its ability for high heat resistance, it is also safe to use while cooking in a hot pan without having to worry about burning yourself.


Julienne Peeler

For thin cut vegetables, a julienne peeler is the perfect tool; think of summer rolls stuffed with thinly shredded vegetables or perfectly julienned cabbage and carrots for a stir fry, or even a delicious zoodle salad, the sharp, zig-zag shaped blades of the peeler ensure that the vegetables peel off layer by layer into thin strips, which saves up on laborious chopping for the desired effect.


Cookie Scoop

A spring-loaded cookie scoop cannot just be used for the purpose it was made for – which is to scoop out evenly sized balls of cookie dough, but is also a great tool to help portion things like rice or dips that need to be served to a moderate number of guests gathered for dinner. Buying one that works according to your culinary requirements is advisable as opposed to picking a standard size that works universally.

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Bench Scraper

Ideal for baking or ensuring that your ingredients aren’t running all over the place, a bench scraper is the perfect tool if you want to clean up your work surface or a cutting board that have little bits of food stuck to them. It could also double up as a scooper to pick up large quantities of chopped vegetables to throw into a pan without making too much of a mess.

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Pastry Brush

Brushing a layer of egg wash on pastries or glazing grilled meats with fat or simply greasing the surface of a pan evenly, a pastry brush is multi-utility. Most pastry brushes are made of a silicone material, which is not only easy to use but equally easy to clean up. They’re also great when you want to brush off extra seasoning or dry rubs off of the surfaces of your food, to avoid over-seasoning a dish.