Kitchen Tips: Tips To Store Fruits And Vegetables During Winters

Winters are finally here and we know your foodie heart must be dancing with joy. It's finally that time of the year when you can have a hot cup of tea or coffee while enjoying the chill in the air. The fresh winter fruits and vegetables are all set to make their way into your kitchen so that you can enjoy incorporating them into the delicious dishes you have planned to make this winter. However, one of the major problems that all of us follow during winters is the spoiling and rotting of fresh produce. And man, we know how it hurts, right? From shrivelling up fruits and veggies to cutting a vegetable and watching insects sprawling up inside it, the struggles of storing fruits and vegetables during winters are real. So, we have got you covered with some tips and tricks that you follow to store your fruits and veggies properly this winter. 

1. Cut off the leafy tops of root vegetables to retain moisture. Vegetables like carrots and turnips shrivel up due to the sucking up of moisture by the leafy tops. 

2. Don’t wash your vegetables before storing them in the fridge or in baskets to be kept open. This will result in rotting. 

3. If you are storing winter fruits in the fridge, make sure you wrap them up in newspapers and store them in a single layer. 

4. Leafy crops like spinach and lettuce must be eaten within a day or two after harvesting. 

5. Root vegetables like potatoes, beetroots and carrots can also be stored in a basket or bucket full of sand or sawdust. 

6. The room where the veggies are stored must be ventilated and the vegetables must be kept off the floor. 

7. If you are storing winter squash, make sure you store them apart from ripening fruits. Ripening fruits release ethylene gas that shortens the lifespan of squash. 

8. You can store your just-ripe and firm fruits in air-tight containers or bags before storing them in the fridge to prevent them from freezer burn.

We hope you’ll be able to enjoy the winter produce in peace without worrying about them getting spoiled with these handy tips.