Kitchen Tips: Tips And Tricks To Make Shahi Tukda At Home
Image Credit: Source: Chatgaiya Tolpar/Facebook

Indian cuisine is a miscellany of different cuisines, thanks to the history of colonization. From Dutch to Portuguese and British, it is fair enough to say that Indian cuisine is an amalgam of numerous foreign cuisines. Indians have loved and incorporated dishes, cooking styles and ingredients from all these cuisines. Out of all, the one to have the most impact on Indian cuisine is Mughlai cuisine. A vast assortment of Mughlai dishes- both sweet and savoury are loved and desired by millions of Indians to date. The charm of Mughlai dishes hasn’t got old with time but has become more tempting and sought-after. One such Mughlai dish is Shahi Tukda. The tantalizing dessert has kept Indians hooked for ages and is one of the most craved desserts in India. The crispy deep-fried bread dunked in flavored rabri and topped with dry fruits is enough to keep you drooling. Although the dish is an absolute delight to savour, making it can be a tough nut to crack. So, we have some easy and handy tips and tricks for you to follow when making Shahi Tukda to master the process of making the dessert.

1. Don’t forget to stir the milk while boiling it to prevent it from getting stuck in the bottom.

2. Add milk powder to the boiling milk to reduce the cooking time of rabri and add flavour and texture to the dish.

3. Fry the bread pieces on medium or medium-low heat to prevent them from burning.

4. Add kewra water and saffron to the rabri to elevate the aroma and taste of the dish.

5. You can pour the sugar syrup evenly on the arranged slices of bread instead of dunking the bread pieces in the syrup to avoid mess.

6. It is ideal to use a day or two old bread as the pieces will absorb much less ghee than freshly baked bread.

We hope these tips will help you get restaurant-style Shahi Tukda at home. Here’s a detailed recipe you can follow to make this delectable dessert at home.