Kitchen Tips: How To Make Soft And Spongy Rasgullas At Home?

When we talk about Indian cuisine, it is hard to ignore the vast array of delicious sweets that are indulgent. And can we even miss mentioning Rasgullas when it comes to indulgence? The soft, spongy, snow-white sweet has kept most Indians hooked to it for ages. Its origin has created a tug of war between the states of Odisha and West Bengal but later ender up getting a GI tag in both the states. The culinary delight is made up of cottage cheese and is loved ardently across India. As an Odia, I cannot imagine a single festival without relishing the spongy pleasure. And no trip to Cuttack ends without bringing at least a kilo of the famous Pahala Rasagola. Because can you even stop at one? A perfectly spongy and soft Rasgulla will always make you keep asking for more. As much as I love relishing Rasgullas, I hate them when they are chewy and greasy. Many local sweet vendors go wrong with the measurements and techniques, which results in the wrong texture of the sweet, making it quite unpleasant to eat. So, to rescue you from the grasp of a chewy Rasgulla, we have curated some tips and tricks to help you make soft and spongy Rasgullas at home.

  1. Make sure you use cow milk or full-fat milk to make the chhena while making Rasgullas.
  2. Blend equivalent quantities of lemon juice and water to curdle the milk to eliminate the acidic smell from the milk.
  3. Wash the Chhena under running water as it will remove the sourness from ut.
  4. Do not over knead the Chhena, as over kneading will make it greasy. Knead it till no crumbs are left.
  5. Boil the sugar syrup constantly on medium flame throughout the process. This steadiness will ensure the soft texture of Rasgullas.
  6. Do not forget to stir the Rasgullas constantly to ensure even cooking and sponginess.
  7. After the initial part, cook the Rasgullas with the lid on.

We hope these kitchen tips will let you escape the misery of relishing chewy and greasy Rasgullas. Here is a quick recipe you can try.