Kitchen Tips: How To Make Restaurant Style Makhani Gravy?

Out of all the North Indian curries, the curries made with the Makhani gravy are most popular. Dishes like Dal Makhani, Paneer Makhani and Butter Chicken have transcended boundaries and become a favourite, both home and abroad. The rich, creamy and delicious gravy has won the hearts of millions- across and beyond India. Personally, for me, my weekend isn’t complete without a Makhani dish. Being a North Indian food lover, I can't think of a North Indian main course without a Makhani dish. Although I have always loved relishing Makhani dishes at restaurants, my first few attempts of making it at home failed miserably. While the first one turned out to be grainy, the others were either too rich or too watery. However, I have learned to make the perfect Makhani gravy recently and I think many like me find themselves in a similar situation. So, this article will make your Makhani game stronger with four brilliant tips. Check them out to never go wrong with your Makhani gravy again. 

  1. Make sure you use fresh and ripe tomatoes for your gravy. These tomatoes will help packing in authentic flavours and bright red colour in your gravy. Chop them finely before adding them to the pan. 
  2. Always use freshly prepared garam masala for your Makhani gravy. Store-brought garam masala won’t pack in the delicious flavours and aroma. 
  3. Always use a sieve to ensure a creamy and smooth texture of your gravy. 
  4. Don’t forget to soak your dry fruits before incorporating them into the gravy. 
  5. Always pan-fry the main ingredient (paneer/chicken) with butter before adding them to the gravy. 
  6. Finish off the gravy by adding a dollop of fresh cream and crushed fenugreek leaves for a creamy texture and tempting aroma. 

You can also store Makhani gravy in the refrigerator for future use. Make sure you follow these steps to get a rich and creamy Makhani gravy.