Kitchen Tips: How To Make Gond Ke Ladoo At Home This Winter?

When I was in Delhi, the only thing I remind my Punjabi roommate to bring back from home during winters was Gond Ke Ladoo. The nutty, rich, and wholesome ladoos were enough to keep me going during winters. Enriched with ghee, nuts, wheat flour and edible gum, Gond Ke Ladoo are widely-consumed delicacies during winters in parts of North India. My Punjabi friend mentioned that they are a quintessential delicacy in Punjabi households during winters. The recipe differs regionally depending upon the choice and quantity of ingredients. While some people blend the nuts into a coarse powder, some keep them as they are and incorporate them into Ladoos. While the ladoos I ate were medium-sized balls, I have heard that some are relatively smaller too. My palate couldn’t help but crave Gond Ke Ladoo after I came back home. So, to satisfy my cravings, I tried making Gond Ke Ladoo at home but the first batch dried and crumbled. The second batch tasted better but couldn’t hold shape and flattened. After a few more trials, I was finally able to make perfect Gond ke Ladoos at home. I realised that making them can be quite tough. I have listed some tips and tricks based on my experiments to help you out if you are planning to make Gond Ke Ladoo at home too.