Kitchen Tips: How To Make Authentic Gujarati Khatti Meethi Dal?

It is universally acknowledged that Gujarat is a land of all things wholesome. From the rich culture to the time-honoured and rustic culinary practices, Gujarat has a lot to offer to everyone. For a foodie like me, Gujarati food is the best thing to go to when I am craving something simple yet delicious. A decadent melange of interesting flavours, textures and aromas, Gujarati food is “the one” for food connoisseurs. Gujarati food experts can elevate any simple ingredient into something unbelievably drool-worthy. Take Gujarati Khatti-Meethi Dal for instance. The simple Dal is packed with a delicious combination of sweet, savoury and tangy flavours. The flavour is attributed to the right proportion of Kokum and jaggery that is added to the Dal. 

I stumbled upon this Dal on my visit to my friend’s place who happens to hail from Gujarat and couldn’t forget the taste for a week. I got the recipe from his mom to try the lip-smacking dish at home. My naïve mind thought that making the Dal will be as easy as regular Dal but I was proved wrong after tasting it. The balance of the ingredients is the most vital factor to keep in mind while preparing the Dal. Here are some tips and tricks that you can follow when making Gujarati Khatti-Meethi Dal. 

1. Always use heaped Arhar Dal while making this Dal. 

2. The secret to a flavourful Khatti-Meethi Dal is ginger-green chilli paste that is added to the Dal while boiling it. 

3. Add two tablespoons of peanuts to the pressure cooker while cooking the Dal. Mash them with Dal for textural decadence. 

4. The proportion of dried Kokum to jaggery should be 2:1. 

5. Ensure that you temper the Dal with Ghee and Panch Phoran. Garnish the Dal with chopped coriander leaves for added flavour. 

The next time you try making Gujarati Khatti-Meethi Dal, keep these tips in mind to savour an authentic Gujarati delicacy. Relish this flavourful Dal with steamed rice.