Kitchen Tips: Does Chocolate Go Bad?
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This article right here is for all the chocolate lovers out there. Chocolate is one of the most popular, used, and loved items in a pantry. Chocolate is so versatile that you can literally make any dish out of it. The possibilities are countless. Bakers especially can’t get enough of chocolate and there’s nothing to blame them for it. Not only it is a special ingredient in many iconic dishes, but it is also healthy if consumed in moderation, which makes chocolate a great ally. But you must have wondered once how long does it take for chocolate to go bad? So the answer is not as direct because different types of chocolates have a different lifespans. Keep on reading to know the shelf life of white, milk, dark chocolate, and also cocoa powder.

What’s The Shelf Life Of Chocolate?

Chocolate is not all made equal. While some varieties last for years in the cupboard, others might only keep for a few months. Having said that, genuine chocolate has a long life span and should endure for a long time. There are no "use-by" dates for chocolate because it is hygroscopic and cannot support bacterial life. There are "best-by" dates, though, which let you know when something is at its tastiest.

Unopened chocolate stored in a cold, dry environment can survive for years. Once opened, though, it starts to degrade. The most durable type of chocolate, dark chocolate keeps its freshness for 2 years in the kitchen. Chocolates like milk and white that include more dairy have lower shelf lives (one year and six months, respectively). Therefore, the shorter the chocolate's shelf life, the more dairy it contains. White chocolate does not survive very long, but cocoa powder is everlasting (almost).

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate keeps far longer than other types of chocolate because it contains less dairy. Dark chocolate keeps for about a year after being opened and can be stored for at least two years in the kitchen. If dark chocolate is a non-dairy variety, you can still use it safely after two years.

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate is remarkably durable, whether it's in the form of Halloween candy, chips, or a couple of bars for s'mores. It keeps its quality for up to a year while unopened and for 8 to 10 months when opened.

White Chocolate

White chocolate doesn't truly include chocolate, did you know that? Instead, it is a blend of sugar and cocoa butter, which reduces its shelf life. It keeps for 6 months in your fridge unopened but only for four months after opening.

Cocoa Powder

Although cocoa powder will not go bad, it will become less effective. Imagine that cocoa powder is one of your spice rack's spices. Even after the "best by" date has passed, the food is still safe to consume, but it won't work as well.