Kitchen Tips: 7 Tricks To Perfectly Deep Fry Foods At Home

Cooking is an art, and it demands a lot of effort to prepare any dish perfectly. It requires skills and passion to balance a variety of tastes and aroma along with beautiful plating. There are many methods of cooking, and all the dishes have a certain technique that gives them the right taste and flavour. Some common cooking methods are boiling, steaming sauteing, grilling, baking and deep frying. 

Talking particularly about deep frying, this method is popular all over the world. Though it is considered a bit unhealthy but all of us are fond of deep-fried foods. They are crispy, delicious and awesomely satisfying. Some best deep-fried foods are chips, French fries, fritters, puris, jalebis, chicken wings and doughnuts. Even in Indian curries, frying the vegetables or meats before adding to the gravy is a well- known way to elevate the taste of the dish. 

If you also want to master the art of deep frying, here are seven amazing tips that can help: 

Choose The Right Oil 

Oil has a vital role to play in giving the taste to your fried foods. Even though you have done all things correctly, not choosing the right oil can ruin the taste of the dish. For example, olive oil offers floral notes and canola oil has a kind of neutral flavour. So, decide which type of oil will go best with your dish and then start cooking. 

Avoid Overcrowding 

This is the most common mistake most of us make. In order to save time, we prefer putting too much food in the oil that overcrowds the frying pan or wok. This causes the food to stick at the bottom or on the sides and it also gives a less crispy exterior. Therefore, add pieces to oil in small batches and get an evenly fried food. 

Cut Food In Uniform Pieces 

This is another common mistake that becomes a hurdle in getting perfect deep-fried food. Whether you are preparing chicken, vegetables or any seafood make sure to cut them into uniform pieces. This will allow the food to cook evenly in the same amount of time.  

Avoid Salt Before Frying 

Usually, we add salt to our food before or in the initial period of cooking in most of the dishes. But when you are deep frying make sure to add it a little early and let the food rest for a few minutes. You can also season immediately after taking them out of the hot oil. This is because the salt can make the hot oil splatter or even lower its smoking point. 

Keep The Cooking Area Dry 

This is an essential point to remember for safety purposes. Always use dry equipment for deep frying as even a single splash of water into the hot oil can cause an explosion. Inspect the frying skillet and other utensils carefully and then use them for cooking. You can pat dry them with a clean cloth if there is any water droplet. 

Double Frying 

This is the secret why restaurant’s French fries are so perfect. Certain foods when double fried gain a crispier texture and stay that way for a long period. So, next time you are making French fries at home use the trick of double frying and get restaurant’s style soft yet crispy food. 

Correct Temperature 

Never drop the food in the oil until it reaches the right temperature. If the temperature is low the pieces will not fry properly and if it's too high, then the food will burn. Always put a tiny piece of food into the oil to check its temperature before adding the whole batch.