Kitchen Tips:  6 Hacks For Doing The Food Storage Right
Image Credit: Food storage, Image Source: Freepik

Apart from buying, cooking or eating the right kind, proper storage is another concern related to healthy eating. Food storage totally depends on the type of edible or potable items. For example, dry staples are the base necessities of your food storage. These consist of flour, sugar, rice, beans, coffee, pancake mix, or instant potato flakes. Food experts say dry staples are the longest-lasting part of your food storage. Simultaneously, wet rations can be preserved long with the right kind of packaging and refrigeration. It is also essential to maintain proper kitchen hygiene, to reduce risks of bacteria or virus growth and food poisoning.

The guidelines mentioned below have been thoroughly researched to determine the best methods for reducing the real threat of food poisoning from unsafe food storage. 

Glass jars

Storing in glass jars, Image Source: Pexels

Use glass jars. They are ideal for storing dry staples. You can also go for soda bottles. Dry the soda bottles thoroughly and use them to store rice, salt, sugar, legumes, lentils, non-caking products and much more. In the meantime, spices can be preserved for longer if left whole. Grounded spices are more prone to moist and insects.

Keeping the bread fresh

Bread's life span extends when stored at room temperature. However, ensure you tightly pack it in a foil. This will cut down moisture loss. 

Trim off herbs

Fresh coriander leaves, Image Source: Pexels

Herbs, including basil, coriander leaves, mint and parsley, should be trimmed off. Wrap them with a loose knot in a plastic bag after plopping the bunch into a glass of water. It will help them to sustain for at least a week. Likewise, another helpful tip is wrapping them in the newspaper. Before doing this, ensure you pat dry all the moisture. 

Fruits and dry fruits

Perforated plastic bags are just the thing for storing fruits. The holes prevent them from rotting by allowing air circulation within. Likewise, for nuts, store them with their shells on. It will keep them fresh for days together.

Vegetable rules

Cleaning the potatoes, Image Source: Pexels

Stock up potatoes and tomatoes in a cool dark place for more extended use. Keeping an apple in the potato bag slows down the budding process. Do not forget to change the apple every week.

Keeping the insects away

To keep creepy crawlies away from your dry rations, freeze up new packages for several days before storing them in air-tight containers. This technique helps in getting rid of any bugs that are already in the food.