Kitchen Tips: 3 Tips For A No-Bake Tart At Home

Nobody wants a soggy and dry tart that tastes opposite to what tarts are known and loved for by almost everyone in this foodie world. This decadent pastry is supposed to be super soft, buttery squishy and at the same time crumbly with a bit of crispness. Don’t we all fancy a tart that is ultimately delicate to touch and soft enough to melt in our mouth as we delve into taking a smooth and delicious bite of this French appetizer. Do you avoid making tarts at home because it seems tiring and tricky to create one that tastes nothing like the one you get in the bakery? Let’s make it easier for you so that the next time you think of ordering a tart, you can think twice and instead whip it up by yourself. A few hacks are all that you need, and we can bet you are going to knock off a tart in less than half an hour. Are you ready? Take a moment to read out the four tips that are easy to remember.

1. Use melted butter instead of cold

Always use loads of melted butter or, as mentioned/ desired. Avoid cold butter, as when you mix melted butter with other ingredients while making the batter of a tart, which helps in better binding. We all know that butter helps make any pastry softer and spongy so do the same with tarts.

2. Greasing the dish

This is an essential step to remember while making a no-bake tart. This is because if you forget to grease the baking dish or don’t grease well from all the sides evenly, it is sure that your tart will break into pieces or fall out once you try to take it out of the dish after it’s ready.

3. Refrigerate the pie right after the batter is made

You should avoid letting the tart stay at room temperature once it’s thoroughly whipped up or the batter is ready. Refrigerate it right away; otherwise, the tart won’t set well and might be soggy.