Kitchen Hacks: 5 Tips And Tricks That Will Cooking Simpler For You

So you think you can make those eggs for breakfast in a jiffy, you can cook chicken curry in no more than an hour, and you can surely chop the veggies faster than a cutter. Agreed. But did you know you could do all of it even quicker? With specific life-saving tips and tricks, you would not just make work easier and faster but also super fun and fuss-free! From how to chop onions without those tears to trick to make fluffy pooris, softer parathas and removing pesky eggshells, we’ve got it all and more.

1. How To Reheat The Pizza Without Sogging?

Love eating leftover pizza from last night in breakfast but hate how soggy and dry it gets? High five! After all, there's nothing feeling than the aroma of fresh, warm pizza. Fret not, and we’ve got the perfect trick to reheat a pizza. Please put it in an oven or microwave along with a cup of water! Yes, it is that easy. The water will give moisture to the pizza, and you’ll have the same crispy base, fresh toppings and flowy cheese back again.  

2. How To Remove Eggshells?

We all know how to crack an egg in a bowl, toss an omelette or make a sunny side up. But haven’t we all had the moments when we crack open a couple of eggs in a bowl and are left with those annoying, tiny eggshells in the mix along? And worst, we can’t get hold of them quickly! But here’s an easy way out! Take a piece of bigger eggshell that you broke and catch the tiny one with it. They will attract together, and you can quickly get rid of it!

3.How To Cook Softer Parathas?

This is perhaps what we all wonder when we eat out a restaurant or a Dhaba on a highway, how do they get such mushy, soft parathas, and why are we never able to cook the same at home!? The trick lies in the dough. The next time you make parathas, add a teaspoon or two of milk to your dough and see the magic unfold!

4. Cutting Onions

This is the most relatable one! While we can’t do without onions in our desi curries, salads and more, we hate the process of chopping it. Say goodbye to those tears now with this simple hack. Keep the onions soaked in water or the freezer for about 10-15 minutes before chopping. This will reduce the release of acid enzymes into the air and will help you chop with ease!

5. For Fluffy Pooris

Wondering why your puris don’t puff enough even after you fry them deep in hot oil? The hack is similar to that of onions! Flatten your pooris before frying and let them rest in the fridge for about 10 minutes. Fry, it post that, and you’ll see them rising in no time, and the best part is you won’t even need a lot of oil. So not only does it give you fluffy pooris but also cut back on oil and greasiness!

Isn’t it amazing? Know more about such kitchen hacks? Let us know!