Kisan Diwas 2022: Food Choices To Extend Support To Farmers
Image Credit: Fresh vegetables at farmers' market, Pexels

23 December marks National Farmer's Day or Kisan Diwas in India every year. Kisan Samman Diwas is another name for it. Farmers are our country's backbone. This day marks the birth anniversary of Chaudhary Charan Singh. He was the fifth Prime Minister of the Indian Republic. Kisan Diwas highlights the significant role played by our kisans or farmers in the country's food production and economy. India being an agriculture-rich land, this day indicates the much-needed support our farmers deserve. Apart from several measures by the government, we, as individual consumers of agricultural produce, can contribute our bit to extend our solidarity. 

The late Chaudhary Charan Singh and his contribution

Chaudhary Charan Singh was India's Prime Minister from 28 July 1979 to 14 January 1980 and is recognised for his contributions to the upliftment of farmers throughout the country. Kisan Diwas honours his efforts to make sizeable difference to Indian agricultural sector. He was a pioneer in agriculture and put forth a number of measures for the betterment of Indian farmers. His brief tenure at the top has seen a wave of agricultural reforms and policies implemented in India. Charan Singh's farming background helped him understand the farmer's actual constraints, and he contributed significantly to their support.

A farmer working in farming land, Image Source: Pexels

Small choices make a big impact 

Kisan Diwas isn't about celebrating Indian farmers contribution for just one day. It rather highlights a continuous and sustainable effort and action by every Indian consumer. Ecological farming makes sense because we begin to repair both our bodies and the world. We can make better food choices when purchasing, cooking, or dining out. We may now do little actions that significantly impact when we work together. It's time to rediscover food and the people who cultivate it. When we do this, ripples form, eventually building into shockwaves that will transform our industrial agriculture system.

A woman farmer selling fresh produce, Image Source: Pexels

As an individual consumer, there are simple choices to make.

  • Ensure that you purchase fresh, sustainable or organic foods whenever you can. 
  • Before you buy, figure out how many "food miles" your produce has travelled. 
  • Whenever possible, shop from local farms or farmers' markets. 
  • Begin by removing processed foods from your diet, which are harmful to both your health and the environment. 
  • Increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. It will be a celebration of kisan diwas every day. 
  • Start a tiny garden to grow certain vegetables, herbs and fruits. This way you can teach your children to respect food and the hard work done by our farmers.
  • Make a weekly commitment to cut back on a couple of meals of meat and cheese and go for plant-based protein sources.