Kinutil: A Sensational Filipino Drink Blended With Egg Yolk And Palm Wine

The art of blending cocktails with eggs is an age-old practice that has existed since ancient times. Although not clearly verified, it was probably some time in the 18th century that egg-based drinks emerged and settled in different parts of the world. Kinutil is one such drink. It’s a cocktail whipped up with a raw egg yolk. This Filipino drink is a creamy blend of pam wine, raw egg yolks and homemade chocolate. In the Philippines, palm wine named ‘tuba’ is generally used for making this drink. Tuba is a Filipino alcoholic beverage made from the sap of various species of palm trees. Tuba has existed in the Philippines since pre-colonial times. Some versions also add condensed milk, sugar and carbonated soft drinks. There are times when it is prepared using just chocolate and sugar. On the island of Samar, it is referred to by a unique name - ‘Dubado’. Sometimes, it is known by other names such as ‘Kinutir’ or ‘Kutir’. The original name of the drink was derived from the Visayan word ‘Kutil’, which means ‘to stir’. While blending, the raw egg yolk is quickly stirred and shaken right after it is dropped into the glass.

There is more to its history: This Filipino drink hailed from either Visalia Island or Mindanao. Throughout the country, it is traditionally paired with a plate of Filipino rice cakes. Sadly, Kinutil quickly disappeared when more popular drinks like eggnog and hot chocolate began to take over. Nowadays, this drink is mainly characterised as ‘Filipino eggnog’ or ‘Filipino mudslide’. The medley of egg, alcohol and milk makes it similar to eggnog. 

Are you interested in trying out this drink? Take a look at this recipe for making this creamy Filipino eggnog at home.


  • 1 egg
  • Half cup cocoa drink 
  • 2 tablespoons of condensed milk 
  • 1 cup of hot chocolate 
  • 30 ml wine


  • First, blend half a glass of hot chocolate using milk and chocolate  
  • Then, take a glass and add wine to it; along with this, add condensed milk and egg yolk
  • Mix and stir well
  • Your drink is ready