Often times, we hear that sportspersons and celebrities are too cautious of what they eat and they watch their weight pretty closely. Seems like Leander Paes is taking a little leverage of his birthday this time. Kim Sharma made her debut in the Hindi film industry with a 2000s classic film, Mohabbatein. Her character was a simple and shy girl and was loved by all. She has also walked the ramp for many fashion designers in the past. The lesser-known fact about this Indian actress is that she is a true foodie. 

We have always been on the lookout for her Instagram posts and stories because she often shares her love for food on social media. Kim Sharma has been dating a professional tennis player, Leander Paes for quite some time now. We remember when she shared pictures of their Valentine’s Day spread as well as her drool-worthy Rajasthani thali which included all the regional delicacies. She even made us chuckle this one time with her lassi moustache. Now she was spotted celebrating her partner’s birthday and we couldn’t help but notice the plates of cake on the table. Here’s what we saw. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Kim Sharma

Although we can’t see the whole cake, we can still figure out that it is an orange cake with a lovely-looking frosting. Before the season of oranges is over, we are thinking of digging into some orange cake ourselves. How about you? If yes, then here are a few recipes to try. 

1.  Cranberry Orange Cake 

Why stop at orange when you can get cranberries too? This lip-smacking orange bake comes in the form of a bundt cake. The soft and moist cake is toppled with a drizzle of cream cheese glaze. While the orange-ness of the cake is quite evident, it is the frozen cranberries on top that makes it even more tempting. 

2.  Lemon Orange Cake 

Did you know that this cake is also called gold cake? Well, the appearance says it all. The freshness of a tart lemon along with the tanginess of orange makes this cake a tingling ride for your taste buds. The drizzle of orange syrup on the cake gives it a pop of colour and flavour that is unmatched. 

3.  Mandarin Orange Cake With Pineapple Frosting 

The tiny sour oranges that make you twitch are used in the baking of this yummy cake. Mandarin oranges are squashed to give out a juicy flavour to the cake while the pineapple frosting gives the cake a fluffy and tangy flavour.