Kick-Start Your Day With 5 Classic American Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast should always be done right since it actually breaks our fast after seven to eight hours of sleep. We are constantly told that breakfasts are an important meal of the day and it is indeed true. It helps kickstart the metabolism and keeps cravings in check. If you are bored with your mundane affair, you can enjoy your first meal with some classic American dishes which will surely keep you happy throughout the day. America is a diverse country, and this plays a large role in the meals that people eat on a regular basis. A typical American breakfast, at large, consists of foods high in carbohydrates, vitamin and mineral content thus getting some calories in our body early on in the day. Here are some of the drool-worthy classic American breakfast you must try.

Biscuits and gravy

Biscuits and gravy are quite a popular fare in America. The name of this dish leaves people intrigued as biscuits means cookies and this fluffy-creamy dish is made of buttermilk buns dripping with tantalizing meat gravy which is either pork sausage or ground meat. It is surely a treat early the morning with its rich and distinct flavours.

Instagram image by @cascadiabird

 So, when are you trying these yummy breakfast dishes?