Khichdi To Upma: 7 Healthy Dishes To Make With Broken Wheat

Its high fibre content helps control blood sugar levels, promotes weight loss, and maintains digestive health. Broken wheat is a wholesome and adaptable substitute for refined grains in a variety of recipes, including salads, desserts, and savoury porridges. It also has a lower glycemic index than refined grains.

Here are some healthy dishes to make out of Dalia, which is broken wheat:

1. Dalia Khichdi: 

The beautiful blending of flavours and textures is presented in dalia khichdi. The lentil and spice mixture gives depth and warmth, and the broken wheat adds a nutty, earthy flavour. The recipe perfectly strikes a balance between notes of mild spiciness and savoury flavours. The texture is improved overall by the veggies like carrots, beans, green peas, and more, which add a delicate crunch. The smoothness of the lentils contrasts with the natural chewiness of the dahlia, giving the dish a pleasing texture. With its warming, rustic flavour, this filling khichdi is a tasty and nutritious option for anybody looking for a substantial, well-balanced supper.

Video Credit: YouTube/ Hebbars Kitchen

2. Dalia Pulao: 

A tasty dish with a distinctive blend of chewy texture and nutty flavours is dalia pulao. When cooked, the broken wheat keeps its pleasing crunch, giving every spoonful a delightful bite. A hearty and tasty pulao is produced when the aromatic spices and veggies are paired with the nuttiness of the dalia. The essence of the broth and spices seeps into the grains, creating a savoury character that is filling and healthy. Distinguished by its robust texture, dalia pulao serves as a satisfying and healthy substitute for classic rice-based pulao recipes.

3. Dalia Kheer: 

Delicious delicacy dalia kheer has a warming flavour and a creamy, soothing texture. The milk gives the meal a rich, velvety consistency, and the broken wheat gives it a nice chewiness. The ideal sweetness balance is achieved in the kheer by adding sugar or jaggery for sweetness. It is aromatic when combined with saffron or cardamom, and it adds just a touch of spiciness to balance the flavour. Nuts provide a crunchy finishing touch that creates a pleasing contrast in textures. Blending the luxury of a typical kheer with the nutty taste of broken wheat, Dalia kheer is a healthy and fulfilling meal.

4. Dalia Pancakes: 

The distinctive taste of nutty and nutritious flavours in Dalia pancakes is a result of the broken wheat that has been coarsely ground. If natural sweeteners or fruits are added, the taste of subtle earthiness is enhanced with a hint of sweetness. Because broken wheat is gritty, it has a robust, slightly dense texture with a pleasing chewiness. The pancakes get moist inside when made with yoghurt. They provide a satisfying and tasty breakfast choice because of their overall profile, which strikes a delicious balance between the hearty essence of broken wheat and the light, airy quality of well-made pancakes.

5. Dalia Upma: 

A filling and healthy dish, dalia upma has a lovely harmony of flavours and textures. The earthy, slightly nutty flavour of the broken wheat is enhanced by the flavour of the aromatic spices that were used in its preparation. It has a pleasing mouthfeel and is noticeably chewy and substantial in texture. The addition of vegetables to the upma adds layers of flavour and freshness. All in all, dalia upma offers a satisfying and flavourful experience that makes it a flexible platform for a variety of culinary innovations in addition to being a filling breakfast or lunch.

6. Dalia Ka Halwa: 

Popular Indian dessert Dalia ka Halwa has a rich, luscious taste with a lovely mix of sweetness. The halwa gets its comfortable, gritty texture from toasting broken wheat in ghee and then boiling it with milk, sugar, and aromatic spices. With every bite, the sweetness coats the mouth, and the roasted wheat adds a subtle nutty note. Dalia ka Halwa, a beloved dessert during festivals and special occasions, delivers a gratifying and comforting experience and is garnished with nuts like almonds and cardamom for extra flavour.

7. Dalia Salad: 

Made with cooked broken wheat, dalia ka salad has a delicious combination of textures and flavours. A hearty base is created by the nutty and slightly chewy texture of the broken wheat. When combined with colourful veggies like tomatoes, bell peppers, and cucumbers, it adds a crunchy, crisp flavour. Freshness is imparted by the use of herbs like cilantro and mint, and the flavour is enhanced with a tart dressing. By balancing the crisp succulence of the veggies with the hearty earthiness of broken wheat, the salad creates a filling and healthy dish with a pleasing interplay of flavours and textures.