Kerala Emerges As Top Spender On Non-Vegetarian Food Products, Survey States
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As per reports released by the Household Consumption Expenditure Survery of the NSSO to document changing food habits across India, rural pockets in the states of Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh were found to be significant consumers of milk and milk products. Also ranking high on expenditure when it comes to beverages and processed foods, the average individual spends 9.6% of their total income on these items, followed by an 8.3% on dairy.

Conversely, the consumption of meat, eggs and fish was recorded to be highest in the state of Kerala. The survery’s results for 2022-23 also indicated a slew of interesting points – cereals and cereal substitutes contributed to 4.91% of the average consumer’s expenses, thus affirming the next set of statistics that declare the share of food expenditure being as high as 39% in Kerala and 54% in states like Assam and Bihar. Urban Indians also contributed a major share, recording a high 10.64% in the purchase of beverages and processed foods.

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The report further details that spending on milk and milk products was highest in Haryana at a whopping 41.7%, Rajasthan at 35.5% and Punjab at 34.7%. While Chhatisgarh and Bengal recorded the lowest expenditure on dairy with 7.5% and 7.4% respectively, states of Rajasthan and Gujarat recorded lowest expenditure for meat, eggs and fish with total consumption at 2.6% followed by Punjab at 3% for rural areas. The average individual’s expenses on non-food items such as refrigerators, medical, television and transportation has seen a notable rise between 2011-12 and 2022-23.