Cooked Food? Here's How You Can Keep It Safe In Summer
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Does your cooked food often get spoiled during summers? Some days it's rice lentils, and other days it might be dry or curry vegetables. But why does this happen? It is often because of excess food and no attention paid to its storage, causing spoilage and wastage. In such a situation, if you do not want the cooked food to spoil quickly in summer, then you must pay attention. Today we'll share some tips in this article, by which you can save cooked food from spoilage and wastage during the summer season. So let's learn about these tips.

  • Don't leave food for too long: In winter, you can keep the cooked food for four to five hours, yet it does not spoil. But, during the summer, food is prepared in the morning and gets spoiled by the end of the evening. Therefore, many people believe it should be eaten within about two hours after cooking because it'll gradually turn sour. In such a situation, you should consume the food within two hours, i.e. before it gets spoiled.
  • Do not reheat food frequently: It is generally seen that many people consume food by reheating it. Cooked food starts spoiling after heating more than once or twice. For this, you can heat it once and keep it in the fridge, and for the second time, you can consume food without heating it. Never put overheated food in the refrigerator. Because it can spoil the cooked food even more.

  • Don't mix too many foods at once: The biggest reason for food spoilage in any season is mixing much food or keeping it in the same vessel. It is better to use different utensils than to spoil and waste food. Never keep lentils, rice or vegetables in the same vessel. Also, old food should never be mixed with fresh food. Keep fast or junk food in a separate container as well.
  • Use another pot: Transfering food from old utensils to a fresh vessel does not spoil quickly in the summer season. So are you left with excess food? It would help transfer it to another vessel before storing it in the fridge. This will also help retain the food's freshness.